'Healthy Within' Offers FREE Brain Health Support for First Responders

Healthy Within is offering FREE Neurofeedback sessions to frontline workers. Each individual will receive 20 sessions of brain training.

Online PR News – 09-February-2021 – San Diego, CA – We are offering TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY-ONE Free Neurofeedback sessions to provide mental health support to our COVID First Responders.

Our frontline workers are developing all the classic symptoms of trauma/brain health reactions. These symptoms include insomnia, a feeling of constant overwhelm, highly dysregulated mood, burnout, depression, and anxiety. We are giving them a tool to face these issues.

Healthy Within offers FREE Brain Health Support for First Responders

Direct neurofeedback works because it gives an imperceptible ultra-low-voltage stimulation to the brain. It disrupts the frozen, stuck patterns that are created by the current traumatic situation that healthcare workers are facing. Direct neurofeedback allows the brain to reorganize itself and establish healthy new patterns. It is very much like rebooting a frozen computer.

Direct Neurofeedback meets the AACAP criteria for “clinical guidelines' for the treatment of symptoms of anxiety, Trauma/PTSD, depression, ADHD, seizure disorders, reading disabilities, and addictive disorders. Patients have shown signs of improvement after just a few short sessions. Mood improves, impulsivity reduces, headaches reduce, better mental focus, better self-control, and reduction in cravings are all the benefits patients report to us at Healthy Within. Sleep improves dramatically and those who are experiencing brain fog start to feel much more clear-headed.

Severe trauma/brain health conditions that frontline workers are experiencing is similar to major head trauma to the brain. Direct Neurofeedback offers relief without any talk therapy. We are able to reboot and rewire the brain.

Healthy Within is one of the largest most well-known neurofeedback centers in San Diego and we have a strong ethic of giving back to the community. Since 1999, Healthy Within has been at the cutting edge of treating trauma/brain health conditions. Being a Rotarian and a member of Women Give San Diego, also makes Dr.Kakaiya want to serve her community in innovative ways. Dr.Kakaiya has received numerous awards for dedication to her community. As an Integrative Psychological and brain health center, we are honored to serve medical personnel in San Diego, California.

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