LAMAV Revives Ancient Wisdom With the Launch of Ayurvedic Kansa Wand

Australian-Based Organic Skincare Brand LAMAV announces the launch of Kansa Wand, a wooden-handled tool made of sacred bronze metal!

Online PR News – 06-February-2021 – Castle Hill, NSW – Australian-Based Organic Skincare Brand LAMAV announces the launch of Kansa Wand, a wooden-handled tool made of sacred bronze metal— a blend of copper and tin with its roots in Ancient India and Ayurvedic Healing.

With the purpose of creating a completely organic skincare range that would deliver visible results while being gentle to the skin and the environment, LAMAV, an Australian-based certified organic skincare brand, is now adding a new skincare tool, Ayurvedic Kansa Wand, to their range.

Kansa Wand is a small domed facial massage tool with a tip made of Kansa metal, a blend of copper and tin. Kansa, pronounced as 'Kaahn-sah', is believed to have been in existence for around 5000 years and is linked closely to Ayurvedic Medicine, one of the world's oldest healing systems.

Originally, in ancient India, Kansa metal was used in the kitchen as a drinking glass that acted as a water purifier until people started exploring its benefits on the skin through massage.

"At LAMAV, our skincare ranges harness the power of organic bio-actives to create formulas that are as nourishing as they are effective. We blend ancient wisdom with modern science which is why we were inspired to add the Kansa Wand to help supercharge your beauty routine, for skin that's even more radiant, says Dr.Tarj Mavi, founder of the company."

With its roots tracing back to the Ayurvedic tradition, the Kansa wand is deemed sacred due to its ability to help bring harmony to mind and body. While the metal itself carries healing properties that help balance the skin's pH – as a massage tool, the Kansa wand aids in lymphatic drainage while promoting deep relaxation. Many other benefits of using the Kansa Wand includes the following:

Reduced puffiness - By massaging key lymph nodes on the face and neck, the Kansa wand helps improve lymphatic drainage, boost circulation, and reduce inflammation, resulting in a tighter and more toned complexion.

Improved detoxification - A stagnant lymphatic system can lead to acne or breakouts, as well as dull or dry skin, so regular use of this tool helps to discharge toxins for skin that's calmer and less inflamed.

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles - Increased blood flow to the face increases collagen production, keeping skin smooth and plump. Facial massage also releases tension in the delicate facial muscles, preventing further fine lines and wrinkles from developing.

Overall relaxation - Massage with the Kansa Wand helps ease muscle tension and relax the body by calming the mind deeply, making you feel more balanced. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda claims Kansa metal to be more healing than gold or silver and helps boost your skin's ability to heal.


LAMAV Organic Skin Science was created by Dr. Tarj Mavi after years of research combining ancient natural wisdom and modern science to unveil natural inherent beauty. Since its founding in 2008, LAMAV has become Australia's first brand with a certified organic, anti-ageing skincare range. After working in the research and development field for over 25 years, Tarj Mavi was able to produce an organic skincare range enriched with proven natural bio-actives specially designed for different skin types. Learn more about LAMAV at