Refined Shale Gas 2020 Annual Report records growth in production

Refined Shale Gas reports today announced that it has registered a healthy growth in production records in its 2020 Annual Production Report.

Online PR News – 03-February-2021 – SAO PAULO – Refined Shale Gas’ total annual production for oil and gas last year was 1.18 million barrels of oil per day and 1.24 million barrels of natural gas equivalent per day.

Refined Shale Gas’ Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Juliana Barros commented on the 2020 Annual Report saying “Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the current production records are supported by a portfolio of assets with higher value. Oil represented over 42 percent of total production for Refined Shale Gas, which is a slight growth from 2019 with a growth of 8percent.”

“When the pandemic gained traction in April 2020, the achievement of higher production volumes was because of production above the nominal processing capacity which was due to greater availability of power generators and gas compression platforms. However, greater production efficiency and optimization because of less production stoppages aided no operational restrictions resulting in more production from the impacts caused by the COVID-19,” added Juliana Barros, Chief Financial Officer of Refined Shale Gas.

About Us - Refined Shale Gas

Refined Shale Gas is an emerging and innovative natural gas and oil exploration company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have been hugely successful in establishing and developing operations in promising locations based on expert estimations from geological exploration and efficiently extracting resources to meet global demand.

We understand that establishing and maintaining a successful natural gas and oil production company is challenging. That’ why we employ experts in key areas at the top of their field, from geologists and sedimentologists to scientists and operational management, ensuring that we can identify promising locations based on precise estimations, efficiently extract resources and maintain high levels of productivity.

At Refined Shale Gas, we continually innovate, with great focus placed upon research and development of new technology to assist us in all areas of identification, extraction and operational efficiency. With global demand for energy increasing, but with supplies limited, we constantly seek to discover new opportunities to meet demand.

We have implemented environmentally responsible practices, ensure the health and safety of our employees in all locations with stringent rules and regulations, and work with local communities in which we operate for mutual benefit.