Brooklyn Rapper Releases Book Of Rhymes

Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy has chosen a very creative way to combat The Covid Cash Crisis.

Online PR News – 03-February-2021 – Brooklyn, New York – Are Rap music lyrics poetry? An emphatic YES is what you’ll get if you ask Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy, a veteran artist I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of. The Ghanian born reclusive artist is a sincere student of his craft. He has dedicated the better part of his life to really developing it. Over the years, he has been carefully creating and curating songs that bear a gravitas and depth not normally found in rap music. 

You would think Logan’s big idea here is to expand the vernacular of Hip Hop. But ask him, and you’ll see he has no such aspirations. "I’m just doing what is most natural to me. I’ve been told I’m too serious for rap. I think I get what they’re saying. No, I don’t.  My only question is, why can’t I make my version of it?” 

Talking to him can be frustrating because he’s so vaguely specific. You feel like you get him emotionally, but intellectually you’re lost. I also get that from listening to his music. It’s cool that he’s able to put himself in his music that way. Nonetheless, Logan certainly has a lot to say and a lot of different ways to say it.

Logan P. McCoy just released his book Rhythm & Poetry: Lucky Logan Book Of Rhymes - Vol. 1. A hardcover collection of lyrics to his songs, it is supposed to be a supplemental listening guide. “I’ve been told that my music is too deep, so I figured if people had a songbook, it would make getting the songs easier.“ The 242-page tome is an impressive piece of work. It features sixty-two songs that are currently available on all streaming platforms. They range in subject matter from sex to existential conversations with God. 

Seeing the lyrics laid out in this form allows a very different perspective to experience them from. There’s no denying that it is poetry. How good it is, that’s for you to decide. Logan P. McCoy has no social media accounts and can only be reached via his website: According to him, he responds to every inquiry and email personally. 

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