JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Engaged in Building Talent Pool to Accelerate Clean Energy Initiative

The University offers graduates skills and an excitable career in the renewable energy domain with the Energy and Environment Management course

Online PR News – 02-February-2021 – Bangalore – The vexed questions faced by the world as well as India is that how long the fossil will continue to be at the top of the energy mix and how long will it take cleaner renewable energy to share a considerable load if not take the lead. India aspires to increase its renewable energy capacity to 220GW by 2022 followed by another humongous task of 450GW by 2030. JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) has envisaged the goal and has rightly started a Postgraduate program in Energy and Environment Management to help develop a workforce with the necessary skill and knowledge to take the lead towards the broader goal of cleaner India.

As of date, the installed capacity of renewable energy of India stands at 90GW expecting the number to go up further on completion of the ongoing projects. Prime Minister Modi said in the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit held in December 2020 that India is on track for reaching the renewable energy targets and is set to exceed the same in the years to come.

Though the year 2020 saw a dip in the capacity generation of renewable energy sources, due to the pandemic situation, the government has taken boostable efforts such as ‘Must-run’ schemes which required the renewable energy sources to run in full capacity without stoppage, permitting halts only on the occasions of grid instability. Such is the thrust levied by the government to achieve cleaner energy and the same will help the country be self-reliant for its energy demands.
Going by the phrase ‘Energy saved is energy produced’, for conservation efficient usage, energy management is vital. With the ever-increasing energy crisis and production of renewable energy, the role of energy managers will become pivotal and opens a broad employment opportunity for the youth.

To realize the dream the efforts should be supported by the workforce and managers who will have knowledge, skill, and techniques to aid in the process. JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) floats a post-graduation course in Energy and Environment Management which aims to provide the graduates an exciting career in renewable energy fields by extending beyond the usual curriculum and providing skills that are highly valued by the employers. The course introduces the latest technologies employed in power systems, green buildings, and also the know-how related to wind turbines, advances in batteries, smart grid technologies, and climate change and mitigation. The exposure gained through hands-on exercises in Energy labs and funded research projects will make the aspirants industry-ready.

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