Family of 8 Launches The Rooted in Love Show Allowing Guest to Share Their Life Stories

The Rooted in Love Show focuses on “Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight” hosted by the Robinson brothers out of Dallas, GA.

Online PR News – 02-February-2021 – Dallas, Georgia – The Rooted in Love Show is a brand of 8 Robinsons, LLC in partnership with Yellow Tub Creative, LLC. The Rooted in Love Show focuses on “Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight” by showcasing a diversity of guests who have experienced both the accomplishments and the adversity of life only to still shine fully in the sun. Guests are encouraged to share memoirs of how choices, circumstances and community, whether supportive or lacking, have shaped them to be able to adapt and thrive. The Robinson Brothers as hosts are digging for the roots of what characteristics and experiences make all of us in this human community rooted enough to expand healthy growth far and wide for lifetimes. The Robinson Brothers dig deep to uncover the nutrients that have allowed their guests to continue to shine even through and often because of the struggles they may face or even how they maintain nourishment beyond success. The common root of each episode--great folk interviewing great folk, all aiming to remain grounded in self, shining for family and community, and, of course, staying firmly rooted in love.

Hosts and brothers, Emmitt (@yeenseen78), Mario (@marioandrerobinson) & Jerald (@bolofresche) Robinson work together, often with their two other brothers, Angelo (@mrrbnsn_at_home) and Anthony (@rizo426) as guest hosts, to provide a welcoming and safe platform for guests to share openly and honestly. By utilizing Patreon and soliciting fan and followership support and membership via Patreon, ‘#ThemRobinsonBoys collect various contributions to assure they can continue engaging the community on important subjects like prison reform, racism, entrepreneurship, immigration and so much more. With the first episode released in August 2020 and the launch of their YouTube, Patreon, and Buzzsprout pages following suit, The Robinsons add yet another branch of growth to their already cultivated portfolio of art, community activism, marketing, entrepreneurship, Elemental Hip Hop, and family collaborations.

TUNE IN every Friday (audio release) and Sunday (video release) to the frequency of “Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight”--The Rooted in Love Show airing weekly on 8 Robinsons TV.

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“Embrace every opportunity to share your story and help others who may be on similar paths.” --The Robinson Brothers

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