Tech Developers Apply Behavior Science to Optimize Clinical Performance of Autism Services

Behavior Science Technology launches BSTperform™, a data-driven performance management tool.

Online PR News – 01-February-2021 – Commack, NY – BSTperform enlists the science of Behavior Analysis to enhance job performance. Clinical supervisors can now assess data-based factors combining competency, situational awareness, and setting events to help professionals excel in the workplace.

The BSTperform platform groups and measures data across three major metrics: clinical, professional, and environmental. The clinical facet includes quantifiable hard skills like treatment fidelity. The professional facet looks at individualized soft skills like productive personality traits. The environmental facet accounts for work patterns in relation to a specific setting.

The new platform offers features catered specifically to autism service organizations. According to Behavior Science Technology founder Tricia Glick, BCBA, LBA, “We strive to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) businesses with efficient systems to serve their clients and grow their companies. A research-backed product like BSTperform shows how optimizing performance management can fast-track these outcomes.”

As healthcare professionals work on perfecting their skillsets across a range of proficiencies, BSTperform highlights both their strengths and potential for improvement. The feedback functions as a detailed progress report that illuminates professional evolvement. Supervisors can review their staff’s performance with valuable clarity while technicians take ownership of their own growth.

Behavior Science Technology is now delivering the commercial release after a three-month pilot program. Businesses and organizations can learn more about BSTperform by requesting a demo at

About Behavior Science Technology
Founded by experts in behavioral health, industrial psychology, and clinical management, Behavior Science Technology supports healthcare providers set standards that drive clinical excellence with a comprehensive performance management software solution. The firm’s goal is to develop standardized metrics based on the science of behavior analysis that will revolutionize performance management in the healthcare industry.

BSTperform is a Trademark of Behavior Science Technology, Inc.

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