Zero Gravity Leads New Funding Round for ROUTE Analytics

ROUTE Analytics, a data science and advanced analytics startup for football, announced today it has raised a new round of funding led by Zero Gravity Capital.

Online PR News – 01-February-2021 – Ashburn, VIRGINIA – ROUTE Analytics, a data science and Advanced Analytics startup that helps High School Football players choose the best path to play College Football announced today it has raised a new round of funding led by Zero Gravity Capital, the Washington, DC and California-based fund founded by partners Garrett Pagon and Omar Balkissoon.

With the new funding, ROUTE will introduce universal platform access with a mobile optimized web-app to include desktop and Android devices. Student-athletes, high school coaches, and college recruiters will see enhanced functionality and new data products accompany the web app to complement the existing standalone iOS mobile app.

“We’re helping athletes and their families target the right programs for exposure rather than blindly chasing offers that too often waste precious time and money”, said Craig Ridley, ROUTE co-founder and CEO. “The goal is simple, provide all stakeholders actionable information to make better decisions.”

Since its launch in late 2018, the platform has continued to see rapid adoption, touting users in every state across the US as well as international expansion to Canada. High school coaches use the platform at no cost to keep track of their athletes and proactively assist families with their recruitment. Coincidentally, the company launched its beta product for college recruiters amid the coronavirus pandemic. The platform has helped recruiters navigate the in-person visit restrictions put in place by the NCAA and other governing bodies with over 60 college football programs added in 2020.

“It’s a great concept that is very needed right now in our virtual world”, said Garrett Pagon, Zero Gravity partner. “We look for opportunities to positively disrupt markets and we are looking forward to working together.” Pagon brings unique expertise as a former Division I athlete and having previously co-founded big data analytics firm OGSystems with Balkissoon. (OGSystems was acquired by Parsons in 2019).

Looking ahead, ROUTE only sees an increase in demand for technology and tools supporting virtual athlete performance that deliver a much better user experience for evaluation and recruitment.

Omar Balkissoon, who also founded and serves as executive chairman of global security and data analytics firm, Geospark Analytics said, “Technology should be intuitive, powerful, and insightful. We believe that’s exactly what the team at ROUTE is building and we’re excited to lend our expertise in problem solving and decision support on a global scale using AI/ML and applied analytics in creative ways.”

Ridley added, “We’re going beyond simply helping recruiters acquire talent, we are helping colleges and universities strategically build programs.”

About ROUTE Analytics
ROUTE Analytics is a data science and advanced analytics startup that helps high school football players choose the best path to play college football. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the ROUTE College Football Recruit app provides student-athletes a best-fit probability by division, school, and position. For colleges and universities, the patent pending ROUTE platform assists football programs with identifying best-fit student-athletes using its proprietary algorithms to deliver predictive analytics for better outcomes. Created by athletes, parents, and coaches, ROUTE Analytics is the fastest growing and only real-time, AI-powered end-to-end, scalable recruiting platform approved for use by the NCAA. Learn more at

About Zero Gravity Capital
Zero Gravity Capital was founded with the sole purpose to invest in creative minds and develop next generational thinking around entrepreneurship and disruptive businesses. Its philosophy revolves around unleashing the creative spirit within teams, enabling the best ideas, solutions, and concepts to surface without all the distractions that surround early-stage entrepreneurs. At the heart of the formula, Zero Gravity Capital takes current and former operators from boot strapped ideas to sustainable and growth-oriented businesses in the Washington D.C. and San Diego regions. They are hyper focused on emerging data analytics, AI, and machine learning tech that enables services and SaaS products. More information can be found at

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