Slanker Grass Fed Meat Offering a Special 30% Discount on it’s Beef Jerky

Slanker Grass Fed Meat Offering a Special 30% Discount on it’s Beef Jerky

Online PR News – 25-January-2021 – Powderly, Texas – Jerky, being dried meat costs much higher than the raw meat and people don’t take the value per pound of them. However, Slanker Grass Fed Meat has come with its special grass fed beef jerky on a discount, selling it by pounds, providing you a healthier meat in a better manner.

The world is full of meat lovers, and who does not love a good meal prepared with beef jerky. However, when it comes to jerky, it’s always costlier and mostly come in packages, making many meat lovers miss out on a great serving of beef jerky.

Well, Slanker Grass Fed Meat is here with a great news for all the meat lovers out there! Slankers is offering a special discount of 30% on its natural, healthy, and delicious grass fed beef. Being already low priced, and yet coming with a discount, this is going to be a great deal for all.

Talking about their beef jerky, Ted Slanker, Founder, Slanker Grass Fed Meat says, “Our beef jerky is different. It’s not like the regular jerky you find out there which is often too dried up and rubbery. We supply grass fed beef jerky which is much more natural and has a much delicious and palatable taste and flavor.”

Further, talking about the prices, packaging, and discount on the jerky, he said, “Well, jerky is often priced higher, the main reason being it’s dried meat and it takes time to produce that. Moreover, people buy them in packages rather than buying them by pounds which can be a lot more affordable. That’s where we come in with our jerky, a delicious and healthier version in form of grass fed beef jerky which is sold by the pounds. And considering our customers coming back to us all the time for our jerky and relishing them, we thought it a good idea to offer them a little more advantage with a discount. This is the best price you can actually get beef jerky at and I don’t think anyone will want to miss an opportunity to have a great pound of beef jerky at a great discount on the go.”

So, Slankers have really come with a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite food, and it’s time you grab it, for jerky may not get lower than this price ever!

About the Company

Slanker Grass Fed Meat is a meat ranch store based in the USA. It’s operating since 1999 and supplying the best quality grass fed meats and omega 3 meats all over the USA, delivering their products at their customers’ door steps in the best quality and optimal freshness. They also have a wide range of grass fed dairy and grass fed pet foods.