One man's plan to build wealth specifically for Black Americans.

Online PR News – 24-January-2021 – Los Angeles, CA – Mr. Q (aka Eric Quander), Owner of Quander & Son Construction, has launched a campaign entitled the #WeCanBlackAmerica Project, an intentional, national effort to build wealth among Black Americans. From economic red-lining to the gentrification of urban communities, the systematic disenfranchisement of Black Americans continues to devastate the population. Monies raised from the project will be redistributed directly and specifically to Black Americans.

The campaign is a Call-to-Action and is the foundation of efforts to establish the WECANBlackAmerica Fund, a fiscal resource specifically for and distributed by Black Americans. Administered by an Advisory Council of Black leaders in business, finance, law and community building, as well as respected elders of the Black community, the fund will support Black owned businesses, institutions, individuals and communities. The effort is a part of Mr. Q’s larger vision for Black Americans to establish a foothold in the burgeoning “environmentally-conscious waste management and manufacturing industry”, anticipated to reach over $50 trillion by 2050. The project encourages Black Americans and allies of the community to donate 10 pounds of recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles at drop-off locations around the country between now and Juneteenth 2021.

“No more marches. No more protests. No more asking the government for what is owed. COVID-19, an uncertain political climate and general energy surrounding Black life in America serve as clear indicators that only Black people have the economic future of Black people in mind,” said Mr. Q, locally called the Can King. “These issues are compounded by the lack of strong leadership from those hailed as representatives of Black American interests. In the absence of adequate guidance, Black lives continue to be adversely affected, and it looks to be getting worse. I will no longer stand idle as our people suffer discrimination, marginalization, and are offered as disposable for poor decisions by people without a vested interest in the empowerment of Black Americans.”

As the incidence of COVID-19 cases and deaths rise, and small businesses close, the Black community is experiencing the worst outcomes. With more confirmed cases and deaths than any other country, Black Americans are facing the brunt of this virus. With little to no idea of when the country might open up again, Black people and allies of the community are taking it upon themselves to prepare for an uncertain economic future.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and recent election have magnified the deep-seated racial disparity in America embedded in all aspects of life,” said Mr. Q. “Now is the time for action and advocacy regarding the economic future of Black people.”

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