Halmari Introduced New Tea Products to Deliver Warm Winter Mornings

Halmari Tea introduced its new range of teas for having a warm morning during the cold harsh winter.

Online PR News – 20-January-2021 – Kolkata, West Bengal – The esteemed Halmari Tea company has introduced its new line of Chamomile, hand rolled Oolong, lemon flavored Green Tea, and White tea. These are ideal for warming up winter mornings with tea and hence, have become quite an in-demand product from this organization. Either a cup of these teas during cold winter mornings will not only enhance mood of people but also provide several health benefits during this season.

According to a spokesperson of this firm, “These new assorted teas are ideal for warming up a person’s day in the coming cold season and stay healthy with a strong immune. We have introduced these tea products due to the demand of our customers and the excellent benefits these provide.”

The company officials have stated that their Chamomile tea is becoming the best-seller due to the fact that apart from its taste it aids in boosting immunity too. Moreover, it promotes better skin health which is necessary, especially during winter season. In addition, this tea can be prepared in several ways that makes it delicious to drink for all.
Apart from the Chamomile tea, Halmari’s lemon flavored Green tea is another product which has become popular globally. Sipping lemon flavored Green tea from this firm is like a breath of fresh air for people, especially during winter period. This tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and is popularly known for weight loss aspect.

A board member of this remarkable organization remarked, “We understand how well it feels to sip hot tea during winter. Our products makes every day exceptional for people and offer exceptional health benefits to all. With our supreme tea quality one can enhance the experience of tea drinking.”

With each product the company till date has exceeded the expectations of their clients. These new products’ line will offer such experience hopefully. From mesmerizing taste to health benefits; Halmari makes tea keeping all these in mind.
An executive from this firm said, “We think about people’s health first here. Hence, our working members hand-pick best tea leaves that not only offer people an ideal taste but also boosts immunity, which is a much needed aspect in present times.”

As far as the response till date, it shows that Halmari has yet again gone beyond people’s hope to create tea products that enhances tea drinking experience. Towards the end of press-conference it was also mentioned by the executive, “We are getting positive response from our clients worldwide. Hence, we plan on continuing this product range for making your winter mornings better.”