Ayn InfoTech Ltd is all set to launch a groundbreaking software solution for healthcare

AYN Infotech, the leading IT company of India is all set to revolutionize the healthcare industry with its brand new EHR and billing software.

Online PR News – 19-January-2021 – Pune – Cedar Health & Lifescience Solution is built by technology professionals, for healthcare professionals. Cedar by AYN Infotech using robust technology of Blockchain to ensure that all stakeholders have secure and verified access to all patient data via a single source of truth. In this solution, data is collated, utilized, aggregated, and curated from different datasets from all corners of the organization. With AI-enabled analytics that allows providers to make data-driven decisions.

The key features of Cedar Health that are digitizing the healthcare industry:

1. Health Information System that will manage and store all the medical data.
2. The billing system is designed to make sure that all the insurance claims are done right and to the right person. It will help health providers to bring better and efficient revenue cycles.
3. Cedar Healthcare & Lifescience is an electronic health record software solution enabling health providers to manage patient data in a more sophisticated way.
4. Interoperability is one of the best features of Cedar that will allow seamless & faster information sharing among healthcare providers.
5. Ayn IntoTech ensures that Cedar will be the simplest EHR solution ever. It will be easy to use for everyone. It is designed to simplify technical challenges healthcare industries face while using complicated solutions.
6. Owing to this Covid pandemics online consultation becomes the preferred way to connect healthcare. Keeping a patient-centric approach in the picture, Cedar will also be providing telehealth and telemedicine features in its product.

Discover more features of Cedar healthcare & life science in the latest whitepaper by AYN Infotech.

Cedar is built with robust health information exchange for seamless transfer of information anytime anywhere while following HIPAA, NIST & GDPR compliances. It enables the real-time exchange of information among healthcare networks. It uses state of the art technology; hyperledger powered by blockchain. That makes the information safe to share as there will be no risk of data loss or data tampering.

It uses artificial intelligence for predictive analysis. As it is a single platform that collates all the data of patients. Hence, AI uses the medical history information from the database and gives the analytical reports of the patients providing future risk he/she holds, and providers can provide the treatment accordingly. It is also integrated with data & analytics technology to provide all the associated reports. That helps healthcare professionals in faster and data-informed decision making.

Know how AI and blockchain enables the healthcare industry to bring a futuristic system and helps providers in day to day processes.

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