PowerAdSpy Again Swoops As An Effective Ad Intelligence Tool In 2021

Another leading social media intelligence tool is becoming increasingly popular among marketers worldwide due to its excellent features add ons.

Online PR News – 15-January-2021 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – PowerAdSpy, the stunning ads intelligence tool, now emerges as an effective tool for tracking changes in ads, development, and overall progress of advertising campaigns.

The platform has recently added thousands of new ad copies to its previous database. The collection includes Google display networks, Quora, mobile ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Native ads, and many more. Consequently, PowerAdSpy turned out to be the outstanding and top ad intelligence tool, even in 2021.

As of now, PowerAdSpy discusses two significant functions:

Ads Intelligence.
Analysis of active, inactive, and past ads

Talking about the campaign tracking feature, the chief research & development manager at PowerAdSpy says, “The prominent tool is all set to track social media campaigns, especially advertising data of brand’s competitors and their advertising data.”

“Our goal is to nurture less-skilled advertisers and make them leaders of the marketing world. With this add on, we expect a greater audience reach.” He further added.

Ad Intelligence

Under this feature, PowerAdSpy accumulates and delivers advertising statistics regarding ad creativity, data assessment, recognizes popular advertising trends on social media networks, and likewise information. This entire evidence contributes to helping businesses in getting inspiration from their robust competitors.

PowerAdSpy’s extensive intelligence report also consists of primary networks, various industry niches, and other valuable insights. All these are the most beneficial trends of the current time.

Ads Analysis

Another astounding ability, the ads analysis feature of PowerAdSpy lets users take a deep dive into the bulk of ads databases. Advertisers can now deeply examine the advertising & marketing strategy of competing brands and get some ideas to recreate respective strategies for a greater impact.

The analysis shows every detail, including total number of ads impression, prevalence, real-time status, etc, which help users to get a better hold on competitors’ plan of action.
PowerAdSpy further welcomes feedback from existing buyers, potential customers, and interested parties in order to make improvements.

About PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is an innovative ad-intelligence tool available for advertising professionals. Though this powerful tool keeps on adding inspiring databases every day from renowned social networking sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and popular shopping platforms. For detailed description, visit https://poweradspy.com/