Lumina Solar Increases Company Size during COVID-19, a Bright Spot in a Dark Year

Lumina was able to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with no layoffs or furloughs and in fact, nearly doubled its size during the COVID pandemic

Online PR News – 18-January-2021 – Baltimore, MD – You may not have heard of a small company located right outside of Baltimore by the name of Lumina Solar. They are a full-service Solar Installer and Maryland’s Highest Rated Solar Company. “Lumina was founded because we felt there was an opportunity to create a truly great company and make a positive impact on the lives of our customers while tackling a really important problem; climate change” – Mike Kirby, CEO & Co-Founder.

With a heavy focus on the “customer experience” and drive to make an impact on environmental awareness Lumina Solar saw immediate growth, even featured on Midday Maryland on WMAR.
The goal was simple; offer better products, newer technology, and the best customer service possible. Internally labeled and branded as the “Lumina Solar 2.0 Pledge.”

This is not an easy task, homeowners have been overpromised and underdelivered by other solar companies in Maryland for over a decade, but Lumina was well on their way to proving it was a viable concept, and then COVID-19 hit.

“We suddenly had to re-learn and re-tool our processes and do it quickly if we were going to survive the pandemic. The way we handled COVID and were able to quickly adapt to the pandemic climate without really missing a beat is one of the proudest moments I have had thus far at Lumina.” Zachary Hare, Maryland Director of Sales & Co-Founder.

All these changes so quickly could have been detrimental to most companies, but not Lumina Solar. By empowering their employees with the plan to not lay people off they noticed a rather unexpected change, they saw drastic growth.

While the rest of the country saw unemployment rise from 3.5% in January to 14.7% in April, Lumina Solar’s proactive approach saw no layoffs and no furloughs. By the time August-September hit Lumina had hired more employees including some laid-off by other companies at the beginning of the pandemic.

In fact, since March of 2020 Lumina Solar has nearly doubled its number of employees, including skilled tradesmen, operations, and administrative individuals. Recently multiple management roles of necessity were also filled including:

June 2020 - Jessica Diday, Human Resources Director
August 2020 - Mark Manthy, Lead Commercial Solar Consultant
September 2020 - Ryan Farrell, Director of Business Operations
January 2021 - Robert Gill, Director of Marketing

One thing is evident, Lumina Solar has the leadership and longevity needed to continue its growth. Despite a contentious election year, a pandemic, and a struggling economy Lumina was able and is able to “Flip the Switch” and follow through on their Solar 2.0 Pledge.