Sonoma County Author J.P. Goorjian Releases Debut Novel,

Author J.P. Goorjian has published an amazingly creative and heart-filled adventure for kids with his debut novel, MARA AND THE MAGIC SKETCHBOOK.

Online PR News – 14-January-2021 – Guerneville, CA – This five star review by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite says it all:
“Mara and the Magic Sketchbook is a work of fiction in the fantasy, science fiction, action, and adventure sub-genres. Written primarily for the middle-grade readership, but also suitable for the young at heart, we follow the intrepid heroine Mara as she tries to undo the chaos of her aunt’s wish to cram all of human history into a single house using magic. So begins an imaginative and highly enjoyable crossover adventure as we see a young lady discover her talents and grow into her strengths to make friends, foes, peace, and creativity and ultimately save the day.

Author J. P. Goorjian has crafted a fantastic middle-grade novel that fantasy adventure fans will be certain to fall in love with from its very opening pages. One of the things which particularly impressed me about the work was the commitment to vivid settings and memorable characters, which brings the tale to life in a cinematic fashion. Thanks to bold use of descriptive language, spritely dialogue, and a constant sense of action, this tale carries an exciting level of adventure and atmosphere from chapter to chapter, from each daring situation to an amazing conclusion. Add to this the loveable Mara as the central heroine and her amazing skills, and you have a stunning world that young readers will want to dive into again and again. Overall, I would highly recommend Mara and the Magic Sketchbook for young independent readers, schools, and social groups alike.”

An excerpt from the book:
Mara frowns. This is exactly why she doesn’t show anyone her art. And this isn’t even her idea. It’s cause Mr. Jones said something about agriculture. Really great. Really original. Mara spins her pencil around and grinds her eraser into the river bank she drew. She growls and erases every last bit of it. Then she spins her pencil back around and creates waves and froth and then she steers the river down the ditch. She furiously shadows and shades. The river in her drawing pours out the gate. Finished, Mara whips her pencil away from the sketchbook.

But as she finishes her drawing, something happens that’s never, ever happened before. As she spins her pencil away, her drawing suddenly flares with brilliant purple light! And then sparks, purple sparks begin to dance across the page, across the lines she’s drawn. They stream through her drawing of the garden and into the river. The sparks seem to gather into the part of the drawing she’s changed and then they bounce off the page. The sparks fill the air, swirling around her. Mara gasps.
“Holy moly Mara!” Sarah yells.

by John-Paul Goorjian
Softcover | 6x9 inches | 256 pages | ISBN 9781735266039
EBOOK | 256 pages | ISBN 9781735266077
Available at Amazon and most online book stores

About the author:
J.P. Goorjian is a lifelong storyteller, having worked on numerous theater and film productions both on stage and screen, and also behind the scenes. Notably, he worked as the Property Master on the 2011 production of TWIXT, by Francis Ford Coppola. He writes stories that are fun and exciting, but that also inspire his readers to see the beauty in our existence and to believe that a beautiful future is not only possible, but inevitable. Mara and the Magic Sketchbook is his debut novel.