Anna Awe - Another Night Alone :: Pop Music Single Out Now

Announcement of the release of an electronic pop music single entitled "Another Night Alone" by the American artist Anna Awe.

Online PR News – 13-January-2021 – West Hollywood, CA – "Another Night Alone" is a musical and lyrical treat with lush harmonies and dancy grooves, and a great example of the thoughtful, creative way Anna blends modern sounds with classic songwriting.

The song "Another Night Alone" began with one line of melody Anna was humming while cooking. From there, she developed a full sonic movie with musical backing, a detailed story, layered harmonies and electronic sound design. Another Night Alone blends the future with the classic. There is a clear melody and chord structure, but it is expressed by modern synths and samples. The song was created on a digital audio workstation, but recorded and mixed in a commercial studio. And the story is of a modern, independent woman who is comfortable on her own; she only desires not to be after she falls in love with a man.


Anna Awe began her career as a rock singer/songwriter, performing with a band at venues such as the Viper Room and Webster Hall. While honing her talents as a pop/rock singer and lyricist, she began to incorporate more and more electronic music and production into her songs. Today, she creates an innovative blend of pop and electronica. She learned from the best, including Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, who taught her that experimentation and taking risks are keys to developing a new sound and becoming an industry pioneer.

Anna's voice has been described as "smooth", "mellifluous", "powerful","beautiful", and the "voice of an angel". Her lyrics tell clear stories with spirituality and emotional depth, but also aren't afraid to play with words. Her melodies are catchy and memorable. Although Anna has been writing and performing music for two decades, it is during the past couple of months that she finally found the opportunity to put her work out on the internet. And since then, she has been rapidly building audiences on social media. Among many other releases, she released a song with the legendary house label Catch 22 records. Additionally, over the past two months, her songs have already been played on radio stations around the world including North Manchester FM, Radio Wigwam, Ridge Radio UK, Artefaktor Radio, and Eagles Nest Radio.