Online Platform SPEAKERPOST Seeks To Connect Educators With Volunteer Guest Speakers

The SpeakerPost marketplace is where University meets Industry. The free platform is now LIVE and invites college professors and industry experts to join.

Online PR News – 12-January-2021 – Manhattan Beach, CA – SpeakerPost, a newly launched free, invite-only global networking marketplace will provide opportunities for educators to find volunteer speakers for in-class (in-person or virtual) speaking engagements, Q&A sessions, events, panels and conferences.

“I created SpeakerPost because I truly believe in the guest speaker method. Anyone with a story to tell, with experiences to share or with unique expertise can and should consider signing up”, said company CEO, Dr. Komal Shah Kapoor, who has worked in corporate, academic and entrepreneurial circles. ”When guest speakers share their life journeys, case studies and real-world perspectives, they expand student understanding of specific fields and motivate them to explore different career opportunities”, she said.

On signing up, community members are invited to create individual accounts, to browse profiles, and to connect with other members in their field via an internal messaging system. The SpeakerPost platform offers a live feed where community members can respond to, share guest speaking experiences as well as recommend and thank speakers publicly. In addition, members have the ability to post speaking opportunities via a request form, uniquely designed with a classroom set-up in mind. The platform also welcomes journalists, student organizations and event planners to interact with community members for sound bytes, interviews, panels and webinars.

”There are so many people who want to give back to the academic community and to students, but they don’t know where to begin”, lamented Dr. Komal Shah Kapoor. “Similarly, it is difficult for educators to find industry experts or senior/tenured faculty in other institutions who may be interested in and available for guest speaking engagements. The SpeakerPost platform provides opportunities for those synergies to take place with ease. ” she said.

SpeakerPost can be accessed at Request your free invite via our Contact us page for full site access.

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