The Spill, the new online publication with representation at the top of its agenda.

The Spill is the new UK-based online publication on a mission to take up space, launched on 1 January 2021.

Online PR News – 12-January-2021 – London, UK – The Spill, the new UK-based online publication on a mission to take up space, launched on 1 January 2021. Offering content written by journalists from marginalised communities, The Spill wants to amplify their voices and share their perspectives in a world that still minimises their input.

Much of what we know today and grow up to be is based on information we gather from various media platforms. As 2020 accelerated the use of digital content, it made its consumption even more disposable, lacking perspectives, and consequently performative; especially when it comes to allyship and representation. According to Euromonitor International’s upcoming report ‘Top 10 Global consumer Trends 2021’, the Restless and Rebellious is a new trend emerging in 2021, as consumers are fed up with misinformation and injustices. They want facts and expect them to be delivered genuinely by all businesses.

The Spill wants to re-establish the balance by offering Black people, people of colour, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary people, Muslim people, and everyone at the intersection; the opportunity to share their stories and create quality and purposeful content our audience can trust, and read at their own pace.

“Last year was awakening for a lot of us. It allowed time for self-reflection, but also forced us to see what today’s society really looks like, and what we can do to elevate one another,” says Chourouk Gorrab, co-founder, and Head of Communications & Partnerships at The Spill. “The civil, political, and racial unrest in the USA underlines the importance of the role of the media and change that needs to happen to the system. The media have a responsibility in this global effort, without omitting anyone in the process.”

The Spill has a purpose-driven agenda with representation at its core. We want to show that great journalism doesn’t belong exclusively to white cis men and dominant groups commonly shown in the Western media. By working with writers, guest editors, illustrators, and collaborators from marginalised communities, we want to underline that diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality should be the norm.

“It’s high time we not only give more room for marginalised communities to decide which stories they want to share, but also the time we stop boxing people up,” says Jennifer Hakim, co-founder, and Editor-in-Chief at The Spill. “At a time where democracy and the freedom of the press are so threatened, these are the voices we want to protect and amplify.”

To drive this change alongside other media, organisations, and brands already paving the way, we want to let our content and authors speak for themselves, and will do so across six main categories: Life, Culture, Arts, Politics, Environment, and Self.

Recent articles featured at The Spill include An Interview with Taylor Small, Does the World Need more ‘Politainers’ and An Open Letter from our Founders’.
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