New Website Invites All to Share Their Thoughts in Exactly 50 Words

50 Words is a new website where people create compositions that are exactly 50 Words in length and then share them on social media.

Online PR News – 13-January-2021 – Fullerton – 50 Words is a new website dedicated to the proposition that “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Or put another way, “If it can’t be said in 50 Words, it’s probably not worth saying.”

50 Words involves the writing of compositions that are exactly 50 Words in length. People can come to the site, select a topic, compose their 50 Words, and then, if they choose, they can post their creations to Facebook or Pinterest directly from the site.

People of all ages, backgrounds and political persuasions are invited to visit the site to express themselves. People can write about their lives in the "New Normal", or they can compose something more literary, artistic or humorous. It is a unique writing format that can spawn unusual and original creations.

William R. Slusser is the creator of 50 Words. “I originally began writing these compositions for my own amusement,” he says. “But I discovered how much I enjoyed doing it and what a challenge it is to say something meaningful in exactly 50 Words. Eventually, it occurred to me that others might enjoy doing this too and so the idea for the website was born. And the fact they can be shared to social media directly from the site is even better.”

50 Words is an entertaining, imaginative and interesting writing exercise – good, creative fun for all established and aspiring writers.

Often, less is more.


50 Words is a website where people go to share their thoughts on almost any topic. The only requirement is that it has to be expressed in exactly 50 Words.

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