Sister Stone's Hip-Hop Single 'Still Here' Transforms Pain into Love & Wisdom

Sister Stone transports you to the 90s with her release "Still Here", an new uplifting track for turning pain into strength, love and wisdom.

Online PR News – 07-January-2021 – Oak Park – Sister Stone transports you to the 90s with her single release "Still Here", an uplifting track that supports listeners in overcoming pain and struggle to transform it into strength, love and wisdom. This track to be released on February 1st, 2021, is relevant and incredibly timely for celebrating overcoming the challenges that what we all globally faced in 2020.

Some have said that Sister Stone is unique because she is a "Lifestyle" artist in the sense that her life experience and work as an Earth Rooted Leadership Coach has informed all of the lyrics in her songs. For her, there's no separation between her work, her lifestlyle, values and her music.

She lives and breathes for one mission; to spread messages of reverence and praise for our Earth to support personal and collective healing.

As a young one growing up in Metro-Detroit Michigan, Sister Stone learned early on how to overcome pain and suffering through being exposed to drug addiction, suicide, grief, soft gang activity and alchoholism. She also learned early on about corporate greed resulting in the exploitation of our planet's resources, the corruption of institutionalized education and the plethora of ways the system oppresses it's citizens, keeping them asleep and a good functional cog in the machine. Through this, she found nature to be her primary source of inspiration for her writing and spirituality.

It didn't take long after her college years studying Vocal Performance and Music Business that she sold all of her belongings to journey into a new world of living in community and on the land. Although from age 3 to 21, her life centered around music, dance and activism, she spent her 20's traveling the world, learning about sustainable farming practices, new ways of intellegently relating to each other as humans, working with ancient plant medicines for healing and even starting a global platform connecting people to transformational travel experiences, called

Finally, at the prime age of 30, in the midst of a global pandemic, in quarentine Sister Stone embued the wisdom she's gathered over the years into her first EP release titled, Reciprocal Relations. This 5 track EP is an outpouring of wild-devotion to our interwoven relationship with all of life that sparked this Detroit Music Enthusiasnt to share...

"It's amazing how your vibe brings me back to 1992 so perfectly. As I listen, I'm literally transported. It's very surreal."

Sister Stone's powerful and humble story is beyond worthy of global recognition as she takes us back to a classic period for Hip-Hop infused with wisdom from her entire life's work and mission to connect us back with our interconnection with the Earth and empowers her audience to become resilient, overcome pain and learn how to respect each other in a beautiful way. Not to mention her magnetic adorable, fiesty, sexy, spunky and playful energy and vibe that makes her and her music irrisistable.

What makes Sister Stone's vibe and music incredibly unique is that she lives by the messages that she raps and sings about in her songs, and is convicted by the spirit of making a difference in the world using all of her gifts and talents.

Her single "Still Here" will be released along with a music video filmed in Detroit and Sister Stone is excited and honored to share this powerful piece with the world!

Sister Stone is available for interivews at your earliest convenience to share more indepth about her remarkable and inspiring stories behind her life, work and music!