Edward Prentice Ltd Now Offers A Solution To Prevent Neighbour Disputes

Edward Prentice is a Chartered Surveyor with many years of experience in boundary disputes, including residential, commercial or agricultural boundaries.

Online PR News – 06-January-2021 – Kent, UK – Edward Prentice Ltd has focused on resolving dispute conflicts and helping people deal with unusual property situations before it gets to court. Edward Prentice Ltd are based in Kent and offer their services in all the surrounding areas.

What is Boundary Resolution: It is a common fact that more people have issues with their neighbours about property boundaries. Perhaps the neighbours have a new house extension, and it disrupts the pathway between houses.

A boundary dispute resolution will help the owners of residential properties resolve any disputes or issues they may have between two or more parties, and to make a deal on some relevant terms. Edward Prentice Ltd and their team are RICS chartered surveyors and will conduct an accurate survey to guide the outcome of a clients issues.

All the documents lodged with Land Registry are covered by General Boundaries Rules, based on Ordnance Survey plans which may have been prepared at different times. These documents and plans do not define the boundaries of a property.

How does Dispute Resolution work? Establishing who owns the land and property title can help the client and the neighbour to agree to terms and avoid legal action. A solution can be achieved by utilising the skills of surveyors. It is always better to follow the correct steps that will guide the client through the various issues and reach an amicable outcome.

How can a Chartered Surveyor Help? Chartered surveyors can conduct an accurate and up to date survey that will help guide the outcome between the parties involved. The report will also be available for all the parties involved. The parties involved are then able to digest the information and its findings.

The report will hopefully solve the dispute before solicitors are involved, and a costly court case is required. Once the client has all the information they can use the findings and knowledge to take to a mediator if the dispute hasn't been resolved.

If the dispute does go to court, a solicitor can use the report from the Chartered Surveyor.

How to avoid legal disputes by using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): When a neighbour raises a boundary dispute, it is one of the easiest things to cause a conflict. Nobody wants to fall out with their neighbours or end up with expensive solicitors fees and court costs.

The best way to avoid a legal dispute is to use a mediator. An Independent mediator will offer a variety of benefits if the client chooses this route to handle a legal dispute. Independent mediators are used to helping both parties to reach an amicable agreement without involving legal action, although either party have the legal right to use a solicitor. A solicitor will be able to advise their client to identify all the issues that they would like to seek remedy for and finally resolve.