Young Author Releases New Book With a Hopeful Message Amidst Time of Unease

A 22-year-old first time author releases new book amidst time of unease, with hopes of turning people's attention to something positive. A BOY and His ELEPHANT.

Online PR News – 05-January-2021 – Logan, Utah – Ethan Watson, a Cache Valley native, has just released the first in a new series of books, that aim to answer some of life’s greatest questions in the most simple and sincere ways. The first book A BOY and HIS ELEPHANT is about a young boy who seeks to know God. The book written in a simplistic conversational style is simple enough for a child to understand yet packs a powerful message that resonates with all ages. In a time of unease, the writer-illustrator duo that created this book hopes to spread a positive message of hope and joy.

The hopeful message was first created by Ethan Watson, a 22-year-old doctoral student from Logan, Utah. Following the creation of the story, he sought out an illustrator who could capture the weight of his words and bring life to the pages of the book. Jessica Talbot, a sixth-grade teacher in Smithfield, Utah was able to do just that. The two were proud to have an initial release of the book just prior to Christmas wherein they were able to distribute over 300 copies for the holiday. The response has been overwhelming and extremely positive. Creator Ethan Watson said in a statement “We are so grateful for the overwhelming response to the book, and the incredibly touching feedback we have received. We hope to spread this message further and continue to touch lives.” To learn more about the book, and the writer-illustrator duo visit

The creation of this story began in the summer of COVID-19. Like many others, Ethan discovered the usual events and daily activities missing from his calendar. As a result, he was able to spend the warm summer days in Cache Valley exploring some of God’s greatest gifts. This inspired him to create a simple message that rings true for all ages. Amid a time of uncertainty and controversy, there are still greater questions that need answering, and so he has aimed to do that in the simplest way he knows. Ethan stated “As I have grown older, I have realized that just because life gets increasingly more complex, the answers do not need to do so. In fact, there is purity and relief in simple, hopeful answers. This story comes from confronting a personal endeavor in which I’m sure I am not alone.”