Leeka Corp Launched its New Client Credit System to Support their Clients in 2021 and Future

The new client credit system includes pay later and project financing to support loyal, high goodwill, sincere and reliable customers to win more markets.

Online PR News – 01-January-2021 – Changzhou – On December 24th, China’s renewable energy manufacturer Leeka Corp launched its new client credit system to support their clients to win more markets. The company’s new policy clearly stated that the old loyal clients should not be given more privilege for their loyalty, sincerity, and reliability in business with the company. In the meantime, the company will give their new clients the same favorable price support to help them win the market and foster a mutually beneficial partnership with the company.

Being one of the most promising enterprises in renewable energy products, Leeka Corp. diversified their business into three sectors: the first sector is solar panel manufacturing, products including monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, and flexible solar panels; the second sector is led & solar lights manufacturing, products such as led bulbs, led streetlights and solar streetlights have become the major source to the global market; the third sector is galvanized steel poles, products including streetlight poles, electricity power poles, signal poles which is an affiliated factory developed from streetlights production. The new client credit system will cover all its three business sectors.

The new client credit system is an overall evaluation of a client's business behavior which includes attitude to fulfill a contract, responsiveness on communication, have they intentionally delay a business activity, attitude to price quotation and sample requirement, annual order amount and cooperation time, etc. A client credit system is internally network connected, for example, if a client asking the price of one product from the 1st salesperson and then asking it from the 2nd salesperson, then the 2nd salesperson also know if the client is reliable and responsive on price quotation because the 1st salesperson already passed the client’s background to him. With the Client credit system, is very easy for another salesperson to continue the other salesperson's job in case the other salesperson has a job absent, in the meantime,the client will find it’s easy to communicate with the successor who already knows the business background. Based on a client credit system, a client will be appointed to the salesperson he first gets in touch with, if the client contact other salespeople the same thing, he will be automatically forwarded to the salesperson he first gets in touch, however, if the client doesn’t like to do business with the salesperson he first gets in touch, the system will appoint him a new salesperson.

How the new client credit system helps clients? The new client credit system helps loyal, credible, and long-term business clients gain more favorable trade terms on business for example price discount, free sample with freight, premium customer service, production priority, premium delivery, pay later, and project financing. With the client credit system, a high credit rated client can take the lead in his market not only because he has the best-priced goods, efficient delivery of the goods, but also have the advantage to take the goods without payment first which could not only increase his market competition but also solved his financial problem. Take project financing as an example, if the client’s competitor needs to purchase some goods but he has no money, he could only borrow it from a bank which is of cause have a bank interest, but a high credit rated client can take goods directly without payment, no bank interest, just only need to pay the cost of the goods after he sold it.

With the new client credit system, Leeka Corp wishes to focus its clients' group on honest, loyal, high goodwill, sincere, and reliable companies, with whom the company wishes to pursue a long term, mutually beneficial, and successful business.

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