Neurobiologix Releases New 'Male Support Formula' Designed To Naturally Support Testosterone levels

Neurobiologix is pleased to announce that it has commenced the distribution of “MALE SUPPORT FORMULA" which works by optimizing the body’s testosterone levels.

Online PR News – 04-January-2021 – Austin,TX – Neurobiologix is pleased to announce that it has commenced the distribution of “MALE SUPPORT FORMULA", which works by naturally optimizing the body’s own free testosterone levels. Our exclusive product, created by expert physician Dr. Kendal Stewart, is designed to help maintain healthy testosterone levels, youthful function, and may provide libido support.*

The Importance of Testosterone in Males Health and Wellbeing:

The testosterone hormone plays a vital role in male health. It aids in maintaining muscle mass, helps with sex drive, and also supports bone density. Testosterone levels vary with age. Production of the hormone will be at its peak during early adulthood but levels start to dwindle with each passing year circa the age of 30, at an estimated rate of 1% per year. As testosterone levels decrease, so does the body’s ability to stimulate muscle, bone, and hair growth and it also affects the way males store fat in the body and even
red blood cell reproduction.

Healthy Testosterone levels can be the key to male happiness and fulfilling life. Our Male Support Formula may help with many different health issues including:

- Maintaining bone density*
- Help decrease fat mass in the body*
- Reduce Mood Swings*
- Higher testosterone can help you increase muscle mass*
- Helps cardiovascular health*
- May improve libido*

Order Our Exclusive Male Hormone Support Supplement Today:

A healthy production of testosterone keeps many functions within the body in balance. Give your body the support it needs and boost your self-confidence with our Male Support Formula. You can purchase Neurobiologix’s Male Support Formula and physician-designed supplements that have been created to help a wide range of health issues and nutrition optimization on If you are a medical provider or wholesaler visit

*These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not designed to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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