Integrated & Holistic Virtual Preschool Learning For Kids by SwitchED

SwitchED launched a holistic virtual preschool learning classes for kids where they can learn new skills from comfort of their home.

Online PR News – 26-December-2020 – Dubai – About 40 million children across the world missed out on early education in the critical pre-school year due to COVID-19. So SwitchED offers early childhood education globally with many options in Integrated Preschool Learning for Kids Online from the comfort and safety of your home.

A Holistic Virtual Preschool Learning Classes for Kids at SwitchED keeps your child engaged and allows children to explore their own lives. It is well known that childcare and early childhood education builds a solid foundation upon which every aspect of children’s development is dependent. Lack of childcare and early education may build a week career in the future.

SwitchED classes focus on afterschool activities or extra-curricular activities, in addition to the academic performance focus at school. Online Preschool Learning for Kids helps the parents to look towards a progressive preschool development and help guide their children.

SwitchED Preschool Learning for Kids is unique due to the advanced class standards and world-class experienced instructors. Each tutor working with SwitchED on Preschool Learning classes is highly skilled and each class is pre-checked in order to ensure safety and quality teaching. You can find here a variety of classes covering different topics, age groups, interests, all provided in a safe and fun online learning environment.

In addition to ensuring learning to be continuous process, SwitchED preschool classes provide parents with resource weblinks, videos, and seminars on the topic where they can learn how to build a positive mindset during these covid hard times. SwitchEd provides children with integrated all-round activity classes that enable students to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

SwitchED Preschool Learning for Kids can be accessed through their website. For the children of SwitchED Preschool, teachers are conducting daily online classes. Many kids are happy with the online preschooling program as it makes them feel connected with many friends and teachers worldwide despite the lockdown.

SwitchED high-quality preschool skills classes have been curated to offer a wide variety of subjects such as:

• Phonics (Fun with Phonics)
• Craft Classes (Little Explorers)
• Storytelling Session (Interactive Storytelling)
• STEAM Education
• Nursery/Academics
• Play and Learn
• Art Classes

All the above activities are being conducted via live interactive virtual classes. Even all sessions on multiple languages like Hindi, English, and other regional language, etc. Teachers have been putting in extra hours to help the kid. Teachers use their own creativity and keep the children engaged. There has been no compromise on quality in delivery at SwitchED.