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Online PR News – 25-December-2020 – New York – PUBG Mobile is an action-packed Multiplayer Royale Battle Game that is exclusively designed for
Android devices. Due to addictive gameplay along with 3D Graphics, Sounds, Quality and Gamers-
Friendly features, PUGB Mobile has already recorded 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile features in-depth and exciting Gaming Content and once you play this game you will
become addict of this game. But you have to Learn Survival Skills, Master Shooting Skills and complete
all missions and challenges to become Pro-Player in this game.
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PUBG Mobile offers different Game Modes and you can openly participate in them. Gamers can engage
themselves in Epic Survival Mode along with 99 other players. Moreover you can participate in 4v4 team
matches and also switch to Zombies Mode.

However Survival is the Key of Success in all these Modes.

Among the other Gaming Modes, Survival Mode is quite famous among all Pro PUBG Players. In this
mission you along with 99 other players are dropped down to deserted Island and you are tasked to kill
all your enemies and claim victory as Lone Survival.

Before engaging yourself with enemies, you have to collect hidden life saving resources such as
Weapons, Helmet, Bullet Proof Jackets, Medical Kits and other accessories. For this purpose you have to
travel on different locations on Map.

You have to remain conscious and avoid close encounters with your enemies while moving on different
locations in search of items and gears. Also keep your eye on Skies as Air Drops helps you to collect
some valuable and rare weapons and other gadgets.

Moreover you can also use different kind of in-game vehicles to travel on different places. No doubt
Vehicles are the most secured way to move on dangerous locations without coming in contact with your
opponents and they also saves your time.

Once you complete your Resources collection and equipped with best weapons, then encounter your
enemies. Use Sniper guns to eliminate your Enemies from far distances whereas you Machine guns to
destroy your enemies in seconds.

However you have to Master Skills of Shooting as your enemies are always way more experienced and
trained than you. For this purpose you can participate in Offline Game Mode and polish your shooting
skills before appearing on Battle Fields.

Always remember, you are not alone in this war and you can invite your friends or join millions of Online
gamers from all across the world. Make your own buddies team and participate in deadly 4v4 team
battles to claim become the Unbeatable Pro-Player of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is engineered with Optimized Touch-Screen Controls. Players hardly take couple of
Minutes to understand the control system of this game. All you need is to tap on your screen and guide
your character movements.