Degrees and Certifications an Earned Reflection of Accomplishment

Women in Standards celebrates the successes of its members and congratulates those who have earned a professional degree or certification (or similarly named).

Online PR News – 23-December-2020 – Washington, DC – Dedication to a field of work and the demonstration of advanced skills and abilities should be lauded. When seeking out professional services or advice, those letters in a person’s title inspire trust and confidence that you will be served reliability and to the best of a person’s ability. In an open letter published on 22 December 2020, the Women in Standards calls on industry partners, the community, and governments from around the world to join us in celebrating the earned achievements of others.

The achievement of a professional degree or certification is not split by gender, race, or geographic location. No one title is greater than another in its ability to provide confidence to others that this person has proven their knowledge, skills, and abilities in their given field of work.

Women in Standards supports and advocates for diversity and inclusion – noting in its open letter that “Diverse cultural perspectives can inspire creativity and drive innovation.” This begins by recognizing the earned achievements of others as equivalent and equally worthy of acknowledgement.

The Women in Standards is proud to celebrate the successes of its members and encourages others to join us in congratulating those who have earned a professional degree or certification (or similarly named). Include those titles in your signature, you’ve earned.

A copy of the 22 December 2020 Women in Standards open letter can be found here:

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