Dynamic Duo Aims to Save Birmingham Restaurant Industry

Birmingham-based team w/ over 15 years’ experience in the food & catering industry aims to help restaurants not only survive during uncertain times but thrive!

Feast connects, promotes, and grows relationships based around food — revealing a multitude of catering possibilities to customers.

Birmingham-based team with over 15 years’ experience in the food and catering industry has set out to help Local Restaurants not only survive during uncertain times due to the impact of COVID-19, but to thrive by expanding their network of catering clients and promoting their services via Feast Bham’s website, social media, etc.

Feast Bham not only benefits favorite local digs, but it will allow customers to have the convenience of putting together a catering order at the click of a button. Customers will have the ability to connect with their favorite Birmingham restaurants on a more personal level by using Feast Bham’s online catering platform. Feast Bham wants to bring back real customer service to hungry customers looking to find a way to support their favorite local restaurants.

Birmingham deserves better than an outside company that comes in charging super-high fees geared towards the restaurants that can afford them. We believe Birmingham deserves a local company that genuinely cares about the Birmingham restaurant industry. We’ve all seen how Birmingham rallied around local restaurants this year… We believe that Feast will be a catalyst for helping Birmingham restaurants thrive post-Covid.

“When the pandemic first began it was extremely stressful to be in the restaurant industry. Everyone had to pivot on-the-fly. It is actually quite remarkable to see so many restaurants find ways to keep their doors open and their customers safe.” said Founder of Feast Bham, Brett Ables. “In a way, Feast was inspired because I see myself every time I see a server who is ‘in the weeds’ because they are understaffed, or a restaurant manager who is having to work way too many hours because sales are too low and labor is too high. Catering solves these problems and helps restaurants run lower labor so that they can increase their staff. Catering helps restaurants grow their sales in so many ways.”

Birmingham has some truly incredible restaurants and equally incredible employees. Feast was inspired by helping those families stay open and continue to thrive.

Feast is also proud to be partnering with CareHealth, an initiative to provide free meals to healthcare workers, while also supporting Birmingham’s local restaurants. CareHealth is an Urban Avenues initiative that aims to show gratitude for the healthcare community and their commitment to serve the city of Birmingham. During the COVID crisis, they’ve been providing meals to healthcare professionals across Birmingham. By utilizing local restaurants as food providers, they’re pouring resources back into the Birmingham small business community, and that is what Feast aims to do as well.

Feast will be matching a donation of 250 meals from CareHealth to provide a total of 500 meals to frontline workers in Birmingham, all from Feast partner restaurants, including:

- Urban Cookhouse
- Hattie B’s
- Saws BBQ
- Post Office Pies
- Eugene’s Hot Chicken

“CareHealth was doing something truly great, but they were relying on volunteers having to coordinate everything on their own. Feast will be providing CareHealth with the infrastructure needed to make the system far more efficient.” Brett Ables, Founder, Feast

Expanding your network of catering customers can be a major benefit to restaurants. Unfortunately, without proper planning, catering can add unnecessary stress to restaurant staffs. Outsourcing to a third-party catering service can become a financial burden. You end up sacrificing a large part of your budget for a subpar interface that is confusing and difficult for customers to navigate. This problem was imperative to solve, and Feast is doing just that.
Feast is the best way for restaurants to connect to customers that need catering services. Customers often feel like their catering options are limited, and we believe that it shouldn’t be that way. This is why we do what we do. Feast connects, promotes and grows relationships based around food — revealing a multitude of catering possibilities to customers.

“Feast believes in the joy of service. We serve through connecting, promoting and growing relationships based around food. Our goal is to promote our partners and our city by creating lasting experiences around countless tables. Every plate has the potential to carry not only an incredible meal, but history, meaning and memory.” says Erin Hill, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Feast Bham. “We connect people to food because we believe food connects people. We’re excited to bring Birmingham together around the same table!”
For more information about Feast Bham, please visit http://www.feastbham.com or contact Brett Ables at brett@feastbham.com

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