Mango Animate Announces Explainer Video Software for Commercial Use

Mango Animate recently has released its explainer video software that aims to help businesses create enticing videos for products or services.

Online PR News – 17-December-2020 – Central – For the average business people seeking to elevate their business to new levels, an explainer video can be the ideal marketing tool. Explainer videos catch people’s eyes quickly and if done right, will keep them interested until the desired message is passed on. The Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM) is one of the best explainer video software ( available for use by businesses today. Developed by animation software giant Mango Animate, it comes packed with features and benefits.

This explainer video software is very easy to use. First-time video makers can maneuver it just as easily as experienced animators. To begin with, a large selection of templates takes the guesswork out of starting an explainer video. Professionally designed and spanning several industries, these templates will allow anyone to create breathtaking explainer videos. Editing them is just as easy with the user-friendly multi-track timeline. Simply drag and drop all elements needed for the video onto the timeline where they can be controlled effortlessly.

Explainer videos are great for elaborating on the benefits of a business’s product or service. The explainer video software from Mango Animate features over forty lifelike character roles that can be used to depict such benefits. Users just need to choose an appropriate role from any of several industries available and assign relevant actions, emotions, and expressions to the character to convincingly portray how their product will help consumers. Animators can also take advantage of powerful voiceovers to outline problems that consumers face and explain how their product or service will solve them. A convenient record button in the explainer video software allows for stress-free voice recording.

One reason animated explainer videos are so successful as a marketing option is the entertainment they provide. Viewers are so amused by what they see; they can’t help wanting to purchase the product being advertised. Mango Animate’s explainer video software contains hundreds of captivating animation effects that bring any topic to life. Movement between scenes is seamless with tens of creative transition effects.

Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate points out “There are a lot of explainer video software options out there. We designed ours to stand out – it’s easy to use, and packed with great benefits.”

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