Essential Oils Can Promote Respiratory Health: Teramune Reports Excellent Clinical Trial Results

Teramune reports excellent results on a clinical trial conducted to assess the efficacy of its essential oil based blend, designed to promote respiratory health

Online PR News – 23-December-2020 – San Diego, CA – Teramune, a provides all-natural essential oil based supplements that boost the immune system and improve respiratory function. Teramune launched in January 2019 and has been growing ever since. It recently engaged a team of researchers from the reputable Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences Research to conduct a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial on one of its products: Cough & Throat For Bronchus. It was authorized by an independent ethics review board (IRB) and registered. Participants were randomized into 2 groups and both groups used the spray for 3 days.

Cough & Throat For Bronchus by Teramune has been formulated with a proprietary water based solution and a proprietary blend of essential oils. The product is organic, non gmo, and alcohol free. It is the perfect alternative to store bought cough medications but serves the same purpose--to relieve cold and flu symptoms. The results of the clinical trial were outstanding. Participants in the control group that took Teramune’s Cough & Throat for Bronchus experienced significantly reduced cold and flu symptoms. Participants also experienced a significant decrease in symptoms associated with cold and flu such as congestion of the sinuses and chest. None of the participants in the Teramune group experienced respiratory symptoms in the chest domain on day 3 whereas 10% of the participants in the placebo group developed chest related respiratory symptoms.

To conclude, the findings show that Cough & Throat For Bronchus by Teramune helps promote and maintain a healthy respiratory function.

"We are very ecstatic about the results of the clinical trial and their implications. We believe that we can help promote healthy respiratory function with an all-natural alternative medicine that actually works! The trial gives credibility to our holistic method of treating cold and flu symptoms, which overtime we believe helps strengthen the immune system," said Marie Svet, Founder of Teramune.

Teramune’s line consists of four different products. Three Cough & Throat Sprays including one for kids, that target cough symptoms and help relieve discomfort immediately. The line also includes an one immune support blend-- drops can be taken in a drink of choice.. All these supplements help promote and maintain healthy respiratory function. They strengthen the immune system when it needs it the most.

All products are organic, all-natural, vegan, gluten free and alcohol free. They follow the French phyto-therapy and aromatherapy methodology. Teramune products are available at, or can be ordered directly from Teramune’s website: Products are also available at select retail naturopathy practices.

About Teramune
Founded by Marie Svet, Teramune provides organic and all-natural supplements to strengthen the immune system when it needs it most. Marie draws upon her expertise from two decades of experience in the personal care industry and of naturopathy and aromatherapy training from certified schools in France. Made in the USA, Teramune’s health-conscious products are formulated with essential oils and a proprietary water based solution. Teramune promotes a healthier and more holistic lifestyle through its products. It encourages people to rethink the way they live--to empower themselves to take control of their health and happiness.

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