Brand New Middle-Grade Adventure Book Reimagines All-Time Sports Moments

A fun and informative new middle-grade book series combining history and adventure debuts with this fascinating new edutainment title.

Online PR News – 15-December-2020 – Carlsbad, CA – When two elementary school classmates take a unique time travel adventure to six monumental moments in sports history, they find themselves on the run from the intergalactic police. Will Charlie and Emma incidentally change the course of history? Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Mary Lou Retton, Michael Jordan, Babe Zaharias and John Elway find out first-hand.


Charlie Marley changed sports history as we know it. If it weren’t for him, Babe Ruth never would have called his shot and Mary Lou Retton never would have won gold. Plus, Michael Jordan probably wouldn’t be considered “the Michael Jordan” of anything. The Adventures of Charlie Marley: Midnight’s Moment in Time stars this twelve-year-old in an exciting and intergalactic adventure through time, written by Andrew Luria.

Charlie and his classmate Emma meet an eccentric inventor, and former big league star, Midnight McLean, in the janitor’s closet of their school, where he was working on a top secret project: the Flogtrac, an intergalactic time travel machine. When Midnight asks the two students to help him return to the 1994 World Series and erase the most humiliating ending in the history of baseball—which starred Midnight himself—the two friends barely hesitate. After all, intergalactic uncertainty seems like a reasonable alternative to facing the wrath of their teacher, Mrs. Cooper the Pooper Scooper.

“Midnight flipped the light switch, and out of the darkness appeared the most extravagantly colorful, splendidly amazing gadget-covered golf cart they had ever seen in their lives. It had flashy wheels, two rows of seats, four doors, navigation machines, computers, monitors, furry seat covers and side view mirrors the size of basketballs. There was a roof rack on top and running boards along the sides. A pair of fuzzy dice even hung from the rearview mirror. It was the most incredible vehicle Charlie had ever seen.”

But when the inventor’s calculations are a tad. . . off, the three, instead, land at six of the most important moments in sports history, racing against time, trying to earn their time travel wings. To do that, they must outsmart the intergalactic police, while keeping to the Time Crime Unit’s golden rules. Along the way, they meet Cornelius, a travel troll who uses his guardian angels to help them navigate their journey.

“They’re rather simple, actually.” Cornelius read off the rules, rolling his tongue with more vigor, the more excited he got. “1. YOU CAN’T CHANGE HISTORRRY 2. YOU CAN’T TAKE ANYONE WITH YOU FRRROM ONE TIME AND PLACE TO THE NEXT 3. YOU CAN NEVERRR, NEVERRR, EVERRR, EVERRR RRREVEAL YOU’RRRE FROM THE FUTURRRE
And if they find you breaking the time travel rules, they’re merciless.”

If they can follow the rules of the road and earn their time travel wings before getting caught, Midnight might have his shot at redemption. But one misstep, and they could be banished to do hard time in Dung Geon, a galaxy far, far away.

Middle-graders will love the inventions and gadgets, time travel and adventure, and sports history of this fast-paced tale. With additional books following in this edutainment series, The Adventures of Charlie Marley will take readers on exciting journeys through time, featuring historical notables including George Washington, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein.

The Adventures of Charlie Marley: Midnight’s Moment in Time is available December 14, 2020 and is author Andrew Luria’s debut children’s novel. Andrew is a six-time Emmy Award-winning television news anchor at FOX 5 in San Diego. He lives in California with his wife, three children, and two Boston terriers.


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