Hillman Wealth Management to hold Annual Financial Review in Tokyo

Hillman Wealth Management will host its Annual Financial Review at its global headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on Wednesday 16th December.

Online PR News – 11-December-2020 – CHIYODA-KU/TOKYO – Hillman Wealth Management’s annual review will focus on a number of key issues throughout 2020 with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic due to steal the headlines.

Hillman Wealth Management’s Annual Financial Review is usually attended by over 200 guests, including long term clients of the firm but this year, it will be a quiet event due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions.

The review will aim to promote constructive dialogue between international investors and forecast the outlook for 2019.

Hillman Wealth Management’s Chief Financial Officer commented on the upcoming event saying “There is no doubt which topic will take all the headlines for 2020. This is the time of year when everybody celebrates their annual achievements but this year it will be a subdued event. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused chaos to businesses around the globe which have had a major impact on the global economy and it is important to outline what 2021 holds moving forward.”

Hillman Wealth Management’s Chief Financial Officer also added “Currently, we are living in very uncertain times and the world needs to unite together to fight this pandemic. Hillman Wealth Management will continue to do our bit for the community and assist with help where needed to help local businesses in these challenging times.”

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