DQMPro Supports Healthcare Marketers and Compiles the Physician Email List

DQMpro's physician email database simplifies b2b communications through multiple channels to enhance business and growth.

Online PR News – 09-December-2020 – Doral – DQMPro has been a trending company in the industry in terms of database supply for B2B marketers. Now they have also taken a turn at providing healthcare marketers with their very new Physician Email List. The Physicians email list contains records of over 700,000 physicians from all over the world. These records come with email addresses, mailing addresses, fax numbers, phone numbers, site addresses, and full names to enable multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The company stated, the reason healthcare marketers preferred the Physicians email list over other brands was because of the comprehensiveness and the customization parameters. The Physician email list from DQMPro has the customization parameters of practice specialty, hospital affiliation, hospital and clinic, job function or job role, medical billing software, hospital management, salary, experience, geography, and much more. The Physicians email list was the first email list to be released at the list with 20+ customization criteria.

Physicians are a critical point in the healthcare industry. Though there is an estimated shortage of physicians in the United States shortly, the number of physicians is still known to be growing. Physicians are growing at a rate of 6% every year, which is more than the average of any other profession. But by the shortage, they mean they will not be able to compensate for the demand or need for physicians in the market. In order words, the number of Physicians will not be proportional to demand. It makes them even more sought in the industry.

Businesses can benefit in immense if they connect with physicians to sell their healthcare products or services. Physicians are one of the top-most influencers of all the healthcare settings, especially with the rise of telehealth, e-medicine, and the grey wave. Adam Bryce, from leading pharmaceutical, said, "The Physician Email List was the most targeted and at the same time the most comprehensive database we had ever outsourced. It was everything we were striving to get from a database provider. We are also looking forward to more email lists and business deals with DQMPro."

About DQMPro:
DQMPro a trusted company for B2B database in the industry. Their clients are among the top 1000 of the fortune companies list, and they are known in the market for their accurate and reliable email lists, along with transparent and trusted data management services.