Online Psychologist Consultation: Making mental health services easily accessible

Mental health disorders are a leading cause of disability around the world and the same is the case for India.

Online PR News – 07-December-2020 – Dehradun – Mental Health scenario:
Mental health disorders are a leading cause of disability around the world and the same is the case for India. The pandemic has just accelerated the mental health crisis the world is going through and there seems no relief. With restrictions on movement and the fear of getting infected with the virus, more and more people are suffering in silence. However, communication technology has come to a massive rescue making tele-health a possibility. With online consultation with doctors to surgeons to mental health professionals, tele-health is a big support in times to come.

This is especially true when it comes to addressing the rising number of depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health issues among people. This is where online consultation with mental health professionals has helped.

What is online psychologist consultation and how it works?
 Through online consultation with a psychologist you can consult a psychologist/mental health professional online without the need for a physical/in-person appointment. You can talk and consult with a psychologist through different tele-health websites. One of the best online counselling and therapy websites is Rich Psych.

Through Rich Psych you can talk with a psychologist/counsellor/therapist/ mental health professional through text messages, voice or video call. It provides a confidential and secure way to communicate with your psychologist with ease and convenience. You get your dedicated session-room with your psychologist, where you can share your thoughts, worries, and issues and seek help and guidance from anywhere, anytime. You can text your psychologist anytime and also schedule Voice/Video call appointments, the way it suits you.

Is online psychologist consultation effective?
A simple answer, Yes. Research conducted has shown online consultation with psychologists to be an effective way of therapy and proving helpful to people. It has helped to break the hesitation and stigma that acts as a hindrance for people suffering from mental health issues. Emotional distress leaves people vulnerable and indecisive. Waiting for appointments, driving to clinics, waiting room areas and insurance claims, all of it deters people to seek active help and support. However, with online consultation people have easy access to their psychologist, just with their phone. They are able to seek help and support right when they feel the need and that is what makes online consultation as effective as in-person consultation.

Hence, gone are the days of silent suffering… as online psychologist consultation has bridged the gap between silent suffering and help and support for emotional distress and mental health issues.