Ventaforce Wins SoftwareSuggest’s Customer Choice Award for Fall 2020

Being one of the best MLM software available in the market, Ventaforce has a proven record of helping entrepreneurs and companies emerging in the direct selling

Online PR News – 05-December-2020 – Pune – For helping hundreds of companies in the direct selling industry, Ventaforce, a world-leading MLM software, has been awarded Customers’ Choice for Fall 2020 by SoftwareSuggest. In the recently held SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards, Ventaforce won in the Customer Choice (Fall 2020) category for its role in helping startup companies in the network marketing business.

Being one of the best MLM software available in the market, Ventaforce has a proven record of helping entrepreneurs and companies emerging in the direct selling marketplace. The software is credited for being an all-in-one technology solution for these companies. It helps them manage their network marketing operations seamlessly and allows every direct selling professional to reach out to the maximum number of customers.

Being recognized by SoftwareSuggest in the Customers’ Choice category is a benchmark for Ventaforce and its software development company, Sankalp Computers & Systems. This award identifies Ventaforce as a game-changer in the market, particularly with respect to driving the sales of consumer products & services for MLM business. The efficiency and effectiveness of the software have driven its demand among MLM companies. Clients have experienced an incredible value addition by adopting Ventaforce in their organization.

Winning a SoftwareSuggest Award is a stamp of approval for every business organization. Sankalp gets recognized with the Customers’ Choice award for its brainchild - Ventaforce - which is an MLM software that caters to every need of its customers. In 2020, despite the economic slowdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ventaforce served its MLM clients in reviving their business. According to SoftwareSuggest, the software performed exceptionally well in meeting the business requirements of its customers during the fall of 2020.

SoftwareSuggest credits Ventaforce software for its exceptional offerings. This recognition helps Ventaforce boost its credibility in providing MLM solutions to the world. It uplifts its reputation among competitors. The Customers’ Choice award symbolizes Ventaforce’s success in earning the trust of its MLM clients and their respective prospects. The software is able to drive the conversion rate of its customers and is reassuring them with high engagement and improved customer satisfaction.

This award is an earnest incentive for the software and its developer, especially coming from SoftwareSuggest. As a top platform for business software discovery and consulting, SoftwareSuggest compares thousands of technology services & products to find the best in class. It selects the features based on user requirements and determines the efficiency of the software in meeting those requirements. To date, SoftwareSuggest has helped over 100,000 businesses find the best suitable software and technology solution.

SoftwareSuggest evaluates every software on multiple aspects and awards it for the category it excels at. For Ventaforce, SoftwareSuggest observed that the MLM software received positive customer testimonials and feedback during the fall of 2020. It also assesses that Ventaforce has earned several awards for its customer services and customer satisfaction. Based on these assessments, the software qualified for the category of Customer’s Choice (Fall 2020).

After delivering excellent service in the past quarter, Sankalp nominated Ventaforce for the said category at SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2020. The consulting firm evaluates Ventaforce in the MLM software domain and declared it as the winner at the end of November 2020.

With this accreditation, Ventaforce proudly showcases its achievement for being a sought-after choice of MLM companies. The award indicates the versatility of Ventaforce and how it stands true to its promotional content in numerous ways. This SoftwareSuggest recognition is now embedded on the Ventaforce website as a certified testimonial of excellence for Ventaforce MLM software.