ASA Insurance Offers Parking Lot Safety Tips

The insurance provider shares critical information for drivers in parking lots

Online PR News – 04-December-2020 – Salt Lake City, UT – ASA Insurance, a top provider of car insurance in Salt Lake City, recently discussed their top tips for parking lot safety to avoid insurance claims from dings and other damage.

First, they encourage drivers to slow down. Just because most parking lots don’t have speed limits posted, doesn’t mean drivers can or should race through them. When drivers drastically reduce their speed in parking lots, it not only helps keep them and their vehicle safe, but it’s also in the best interest of pedestrians and other drivers in the parking lot.

Will auto insurance in Salt Lake City cover the damage to your vehicle?

They also remind drivers how important it is to use their signals, even in parking lots. Some drivers think they don’t need to use their turning signals in parking lots, but they’re very useful in preventing accidents, especially when turning into a parking spot.

Finally, ASA Insurance reminds drivers not to take risks when they’re driving in a parking lot. They explain drivers shouldn’t chance door dings or other vehicle body damage by trying to squeeze into a small parking lot space. Instead, park a bit further away and opt for a longer walk in exchange for a lower accident risk.

ASA Insurance also knows drivers understand no matter how careful they are, accidents can still happen. And when they do happen, they need to know, “Will auto insurance in Salt Lake City cover the damage to your vehicle?”

In Utah, if you have collision coverage on your auto insurance policy, your coverage can cover the cost of repairing your vehicle. But, as they remind drivers, without collision coverage, you’re responsible for covering the cost on your own unless the other driver offers to pay.

ASA Insurance can be contacted for more information about Utah insurance, including auto, business, and home.

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