Spectrum News Features ProTec 99 UV-C Sterilization Device In The Fight Against Coronavirus

ProTec Scientific garners TV News attention with a featured story on the new ProTec 99 UV-C Sterilization Device by Spectrum News.

Online PR News – 14-December-2020 – Utica, NY – ProTec Scientific Inc. has garnered local TV News attention with a featured story on the new ProTec 99 UV-C Sterilization Device by Spectrum News. The interview takes a closer look at the development of and science behind ProTec 99 as well as how it can be used to effectively combat the coronavirus and other pathogens.

Spectrum News gets a never-before-seen look inside ProTec Scientific’s production facility, as well as multiple interviews with their staff. Consumers can see the assembly of ProTec 99 and learn about how UV light is effective in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria by neutralizing them. ProTec 99 is a portable UV-C light sterilization device, with a 99.99% germicidal rating, that aids in disinfecting surfaces in order to provide a more sterile and healthier environment in both commercial and domestic applications.

It puts out a much higher intensity UV light than most of your standard wands and works very fast and effectively

Production Manager Zachary Pettersen details why ProTec Scientific developed the ProTec 99 device and how it came to fruition during the pandemic.

"We decided that we could find a way to neutralize the COVID virus using our product on surfaces," Pettersen demonstrates how quickly and easily the ProTec 99 device can be used to sterilize surfaces and explains the proprietary science behind ProTec's revolutionary UV-C device.

With an emphasis on how ProTec 99 can be used in the current climate, Spectrum News highlights the benefits of this revolutionary UV-C surface sterilizer in practical applications.

About ProTec Scientific: ProTec Scientific works to develop products in order to provide safe, effective, non-chemical, and easy to use devices that will attenuate viruses and bacterial pathogens. ProTec Scientific’s Parent company Psoria Shield Inc. has over a decade of clinical experience with UVA and UVB wavelengths in the medical treatment arena. Utilizing officially licensed technology developed by NASA, and extensive R&D, has led to the production of ProTec 99 which uses (patent-pending) ConSrv technology to deliver a 99.99% effective destruction dosage of 254nm energy in a compact, lightweight, battery-powered device. ProTec 99 is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States and is registered as an approved germicidal manufacturing facility by the EPA.

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