WhiteBoard Coordinator Announces Rebranding as Artisight

New branding and Artisight name reflect the company’s goal of providing a digital sixth sense — artificial sight — to healthcare organizations.

Online PR News – 03-December-2020 – Chicago, Ill. – Whiteboard Coordinator, a leading developer of AI-enabled sensor technologies for the healthcare industry, announced the company’s complete rebranding today.

The new name, Artisight, better reflects the company’s passion for improving patient care and hospital efficiency through “artificial sight” technology. Artisight’s new logo also reflects the company’s move toward the future of healthcare.

“Our decision to rebrand from Whiteboard Coordinator to Artisight is driven by our desire to more clearly portray the breadth of our product offerings for improving productivity,” says CEO Andrew Gostine.

“While solving productivity problems in the operating room using our sensor infrastructure, it became clear that our platform was extensible to emergency rooms, ambulatory clinics, patient rooms, hospital parking lots, and more,” says Dr. Gostine. “We set out to create a smart operating room, but ended up with a platform for the smart hospital to accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation.”

Artificial intelligence can yield massive productivity gains for service industries like healthcare, but to do so, it needs clean data. Unfortunately, much of the data in healthcare’s information systems is incomplete or inaccurate because it is generated by humans who are — quite rightfully — more focused on caring for patients than they are on collecting data.

Artisight’s Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network was designed by physicians, operational experts and AI scientists who set out to resolve data corruption problems. “Not all big data is useful,” says Dr. Gostine. “Most of the work done by data scientists focuses on collecting clean data sets that accurately reflect the problem they are trying to solve. Diversity and accuracy matters.”

All of Artisight’s solutions — which include Tele-Sitting, Tele-Monitoring, Ambulatory Clinic Efficiency, Operating Room Efficiency, Thermal Screening — are Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. The company, based in Illinois, is also compliant with one of the world’s most stringent biometric information privacy laws, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).


About Artisight
Artisight is an IoT sensor platform for healthcare created with a mission to improve organizational operations, satisfaction, and financial performance. Designed by physicians, operational experts and AI scientists, this HIPAA-compliant platform is unique in its use of AI-enabled sensors to generate new and previously inaccessible data sets. It is a pioneer in the development of computer vision technologies for healthcare that preserve patient and clinician privacy in compliance with the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.