Contactless temperature screening and UV-cleaning devices as pandemic solutions for businesses

Contactless temperature screenings done easy, with the Goliath Gateway screening. A screening device that can help control the spread of Covid-19.

Online PR News – 03-December-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Temperature screenings have increased tremendously during the pandemic but doing it in a safe and efficient manner is still lacking. Contactless temperature screenings should be easy and fast, with the Goliath Gateway screening, Safe Stations ( made all of that possible. Goliath Gateway is a screening device that can be placed at any entrance or exit for businesses and public spaces such as malls, airports or schools to help control the spread of Covid-19.

The device is similar to the walkthrough safety screening devices that are already being used at the airports, but with different features. The temperature measuring range goes from 33f to 104f, which makes it easy to detect a fever of someone walking through. The distance for the measure detection is 0.4"-2". It’s size is like a regular walkway 43" l x 31" w x 89" h.

The Goliath is a walkthrough temperature screening device that has the ability to screen and sanitize at the same time by using a fogging feature by using a spray control that can be set with a time. The temperature screening only takes one second and is done by face detection, but can also be done by measuring the hands.

Compared to other devices this one is doing the temperature screening in a short time, one second and can be automated, and adding the sanitation feature to make the safety even higher. We have seen some other similar devices where people have been sceptical about the sanitation and those devices have not the temperature screening feature built in and would require a separate temperature monitoring for the people walking through.

“A similar device has been tried at SeatGeek stadium but the results were not as expected. What have been done with this device is taking the safety precautions one step further by incorporating both temperature screening and sanitation, “ said Adam Gibson co founder of Safe Stations (http://

Safe Stations was founded at the beginning of 2020, to help with the pandemic by providing safety devices to businesses so they can keep operating without jeopardizing the safety of visitors and employees. The company is working directly with the world's most advanced robot manufacturers and artificial intelligence companies who have extensive experience in their fields. By testing the devices multiple times and research, the company is proud to bring their products to the market with the appropriate certifications and approvals of the government.

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