Will Add the OCR Tools to its Online Tools Platform

The DevTools360 is working on an exciting new feature, optical character recognition (OCR), to be the recent tool added to its platform.

Online PR News – 02-December-2020 – Dubai – The internet is essential these days to complete the work. With the blossoming of digital transformation, there is a growing demand for small online tools to make things done.

Working with PDF, SVG, or CSV requires side tasks to be completed, for example converting from one format to another. or viewing/formatting data on the fly.

The DevTools360 platform existed to provide a solution for such problems, including delivering the most common tools at one platform. And the integration between those different tools.

The DevTools360 has completed more than 20 different tools to serve different categories and was published online already.

The company is also working on an exciting feature of optical character recognition (OCR), which will be available soon, Alongside many other in progress tools and integration features.

The promised OCR tool will deliver support for more than 100 different languages with high accuracy detection engine for free. The tool doesn't require any extra installation and can be used online from any device.

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