Sexy Fantastic: The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy for Adults Releases Premier Issue

On January 1st, 2021, Dream Tower Media will begin publishing a new monthly magazine of Art, Literature and Culture for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Online PR News – 02-December-2020 – Los Angeles, California – Sexy Fantastic Magazine is a digital publication that features short fiction, audiobook dramas, illustrations, book and movie discussions, articles on sexuality, editorial features, cosplay models, photos, music, cocktail recipes and more, by some of the most talented creators in the field, all wrapped in stunning graphic design and a burlesque vibe.

Among the diverse contents, the premiere issue includes an in-depth audio conversation with author Charles Stross, music by an award-winning composer, and a tribute to Diana Rigg as Emma Peel by former writer for Vogue and the Sunday Times, Jay Strongman.

Editor in Chief, Robert Zoltan explains the mission of and reason for the magazine:

“Sexy Fantastic is a sex positive magazine that will publish thought-provoking creative works that amuse, inspire, move, spark imagination, challenge, and entertain. We will deal with adult sexuality in an unashamed, mature and playful manner. The content focuses more on the erotic and the fantastic than on the violent and grim in stories and art. Not all of it will be erotic. All of it will be of the highest caliber. What you will find are simply stories, features and images that don’t artificially leave sex out.

“Contributors who want to create work that is not censored by the mainstream publishing industry will find Sexy Fantastic to be a new market for them. Readers who are looking for tasteful, superb, erotic mainstream entertainment for mature adults will enjoy this magazine.”

Starting in January of 2021, Sexy Fantastic Magazine will be published monthly, and available on the magazine’s website in browser version, as an app on the Google and Apple stores through the Joomag newsstand, and possibly as a pdf on Amazon.

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