LogicalDOC Launches New Android Mobile App for Document Management

LogicalDOC, leader among document management systems, is pleased to announce the release of a new app for the latest generation of Android powered devices

Online PR News – 01-December-2020 – Fair Lawn, NJ – LogicalDOC, a leader in document management system development is pleased to announce the release of a mobile application giving users access to a realm of portability and accessibility unmatched among cloud-based document storage platforms.

The free LogicalDOC Mobile app is currently available for download on the Google Play store.

“Users have told us they love the functionality and dependability of the LogicalDOC DMS, but feedback told us the one missing piece was an integrated mobile solution,” said LogicalDOC president and CEO Marco Meschieri. “So we tasked our developers with creating an interface that works on the go and provides powerful enterprise solutions anywhere, anytime through a mobile device. I’m proud to say our development team has delivered on that project in a way that exceeds all expectations.”

The app allows users to access documents on-the-fly, even when a computer is not readily available.

As people have learned to work apart but together at the same time the ability to see changes in real time to be able to comment and shape ideas as they are happening is a cornerstone of any modern business model

“Our user base is one that is on the go,” Meschieri said. “Having the ability to access files anywhere quickly and easily is more important than ever and now we can offer that ability in an easy-to-use interface.”

Another feature that sets the LogicalDOC Mobile app apart from competitors is the ability to collaborate with uses from anywhere in the world.

“As people have learned to work apart, but together at the same time, the ability to see changes in real time, to be able to comment and shape ideas as they are happening, is a cornerstone of any modern business model”, Meschieri said. “Now that they can utilize the LogicalDOC system to accommodate that vital collaborative method we expect new users will flock to the platform.”

“This app opens up our software for all of those that are looking for a powerful document management system, but require full remote accessibility,” he said.

Other in-demand features round out the app, including the ability for users to view media without downloading files.

“Once a part of only the most expensive document management platforms, the ability to stream video without file relocation is an exciting feature of our new mobile app,” Meschieri said. “We partnered that with a fast image thumbnail generator that gives our users the ability to integrate with their media, no matter the size, without needlessly transferring gigs of data.”

Detailed information on LogicalDOC Mobile and all its exciting features can be found at https://www.logicaldoc.com/software-features/logicaldoc-for-android

About LogicalDOC

Founded in 2006, LogicalDOC is a global software company that addresses enterprise document management needs across a broad range of business sectors and markets. They assist companies by managing the business documents they depend on every day and with locally hosted and cloud based solutions, they offer customers huge savings per employee every year. From day one they have operated on the principles of modern software engineering: strength of community, commitment to quality standards, business-friendly practices, and high performance. Because of that LogicalDOC has grown strategically to serve global enterprises with a strong and ever-expanding network of authorized partners and systems integrators. An innovative component-based and system-independent architecture gives the LogicalDOC platform modularity and extensibility, allowing it to be deployed on a wide range of systems. Enterprise architects, IT and business analysts, developers and system integrators have all benefited from the adoption of LogicalDOC as a document management solution. It is available in more than 15 languages, offers quick and easy access to every user, no matter their location, and can handle documents written in any language.

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