Broadhill International Redefines Travel Process With Newly Launched Platform Visapont.Travel

Visapoint provides the simplest solution to process your travel visa. Learn about various visa services, study services and migration services

Online PR News – 28-November-2020 – Lagos – Traveling from Nigeria to other countries around the world is one major unique experience that everyone should always look out for. Although, most people who aspire to travel and explore are faced with challenges such as finance and access barriers which pose as part of the hurdles that come with traveling abroad. Apparently, people from highly developed countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom amongst others have increased access to visa and travel around the world as compared to those from developing countries e.g. Nigeria, which has been subjugated from their potentials and access to other countries and Broadhill International intend to change that narrative.

Broadhill International is best acknowledged as the leading visa and immigration travel company with outstanding value to make travel effortlessly accessible from Africa with the launch of its unique platform, "VisaPoint.Travel" that is set up to address these concerns and provide an enabling medium to bridge the gaps facing traveling from this part of the world.

Speaking at the launch, was the Travel Consultant and host of the Visapoint.Travel talk show (The Travel Voice Show), Mr. Joshua Segbo recounted the challenges that most visa applicants go through and how the platform is designed to address the needs as well as guide applicants. He also stated that the platform is completely designed with excellent podcast content intended to help applicants get on their way to experiencing the essential and unknown world. Part of which there would be a weekly delivery of the best hard-hitting analysis of travel visa and immigration matters to further guide and educate intended travelers.
Conversely, the Study Consultant at Brodhill International. Mrs. Olumurewa Olukotun in her speech said that the is here to redefine the new phase of traveling processes in Nigeria with transparency. According to her, "in all my years of industry experience, I'm yet to see another travel organization with such open-mindedness and pellucidity in guiding applicants towards achieving their travel dreams." She said, most travel organizations are after personal interests without considering the applicant's needs and that is the reason today you see them claiming to partner with most international bodies and promise to provide scholarships and other benefits without fulfilling them, after collecting huge sums from the applicants. However, the platform provides an open book and allows applicants to make their choices while guiding them through the process.
Furthermore, the Managing Director of Broadhill International, Mr. Abiodun Akinyemi, has assured that is not here to make sales of the flight ticket alone but to add value to the African continent. More importantly, some of the benefits include assisting those in need of help with travel documents, finances, provision of best schools, good countries, and required knowledge to settle in a particular country. According to him, Nigeria stands in a very unique place and our aim is to solve the Nigerian and African travel problem. Also, one of the ways to our greatest features is the fact that we have found a way to democratize and offer clients the flexibility to make choices of their needs as well as the professional consultants who are very much ready to put people through the processes to achieve the desired results.