Show4me makes it easier for fans to discover new independent music with a major update

Music interaction network Show4me releases a major update advancing its ticketed online concert functionality, adding more tipping and interaction, and an app.

Online PR News – 23-November-2020 – LONDON – Music interaction network Show4me, an emerging hub for indie musicians and bands, unveils a mobile app, new fan-friendly design, and a slew of new features to upgrade the fan experience. The platform now offers fans more opportunities to discover and consume music, including an ad-free mobile app and curated charts.

Fans can use Show4me to subscribe, follow and interact with their favorite artists, discover and visit live events online, find and listen to music in dozens of genres, buy concert tickets and albums. The platform provides a concentrated music-only social environment with no distractions or ads. It allows fans direct access to their favorite creators.

Newly redesigned platform now offers fans editorial music charts to make music discovery effortless and organic, enables private streams for limited access, fans-only music events, as well as a handy mobile app for easy access to all the music content on the platform.

In the app, available for both iOS and Android, fans can listen to music, discover new tracks and artists, watch online music livestream events, interact with the music community and artists directly from the app. Fans can also opt to receive notifications about the Artistclubs they follow, as well as the concerts they’ve got tickets to. Show4me app is free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Show4me Artistclub is a community for a musician/band and their fans. It creates an environment for interaction through updates and news from the artist, comments, music listening, subscriptions, album purchases, online and offline shows, crowdfunding, and more. The musician can build their fanbase through their Artistclub by inviting their fans, friends, and social media audiences to join.

Both on the web and in-app, Show4me is introducing charts. The platform’s music editorial team will now work through all uploaded tracks and albums to add the best ones to charts, making it easier and faster for fans to discover new music to listen to and find new artists to follow, as well as keep up to date with the freshest releases.

Additionally, Show4me is introducing more changes to its popular feature of ticketed livestream concerts. One of the newly unveiled features is closed online concert streams. Another upgrade is open fan comments. The commenting functionality will enable fans to interact with the artist during the show.

In response to popular demand, Show4me is also expanding its tipping functionality from just being available for music album purchases to now include premium Artistclub fan subscriptions as well. Now fans can tip the artist both when they are buying a music album and when they are subscribing to the musician’s/band’s Artistclub.

A premium annual subscription to an Artistclub is the standard $1, but fans can now type in a higher price to tip the artist. Artistclub premium membership opens access to listening to all the music in the Artistclub without any additional payments, as well as the functionality to DM the artist.

Show4me is a music interaction network for fans, music lovers, musicians, and music pros. Established in 2015, Show4me started out as a concert crowdfunding tool and slowly evolved into a full-fledged music interaction network. The platform has become a home to thousands of Artistclubs and online concerts by talented musicians and bands from numerous countries across the globe.

Show4me combines entertainment, connection, positive emotions and support between musicians and fans, allowing for a transparent and accessible way in the music business for anybody, from a beginner DIY musician to self-managed and indie musicians to international superstars.

In the last six months, Show4me experienced a surge of international interest with the most users coming from the US, Europe, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa.

Show4me is available for users worldwide. Payment processing functionality, including purchases of music, tickets, and Artistclub subscriptions, is available for over a hundred countries and territories.

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