Announcing the 4Qs framework: a companion framework to the Business Model Canvas

Now, there is a new framework available that is as simple and effective as Business Model Canvas. It is called 4Qs.

Online PR News – 23-November-2020 – Collaroy – The business plan as we know it today has been in decline since the 1990s due to their long authoring process. Business plans are notoriously anti-agile. Which is why business plans are read, filed, and seldom read again.

It wasn't long before frameworks became a viable alternative. Cleaner, simpler, frameworks could express an idea on a single page.

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is one such framework. Appearing in 2004, it has been successfully adopted by organizations worldwide.

Now there is a new framework available that is as simple and effective as BMC. It is called 4Qs. Short for Four Quadrants, the 4Qs was written in 2018 by Australian entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris, who first outlined the framework in his book, run_frictionless.

About the 4Qs framework

Decision-making is crucial during economic uncertainty when resources are most scarce. The 4Qs decision-making framework is ideal for managers who want to reduce friction and improve customer experience.

The 4Qs organize people and processes into four constructs or Quadrants. Although all four quadrants are distinct, each quadrant is interdependent. A decision made in one quadrant will present decisions to be made in one or more other quadrants.

Like the BMC, the 4Qs have no fixed starting position.

Further, the 4Qs invites users to play or 'fit' one Quadrant with another. For example, to write value propositions that speak to customers, users will need to strike a Quadrant 1-2 fit. However, if users want customers and staff to share their beliefs, they need to chase a Quadrant 1-3 fit instead.

Download the 4Qs playbook

To help get you started, a 4Qs playbook is available free