BOND hosts 6th Annual Thanksgiving BasketDrive to Support SingleParent Families during the Pandemic

BOND is hosting their 6th Annual Thanksgiving BasketDrive packing and delivering thanksgiving dinners to single parent families in Baltimore City.

Online PR News – 21-November-2020 – Baltimore, MD – BOND is hosting their 6th Annual Thanksgiving BasketDrive packing and delivering thanksgiving dinners to single parent families in Baltimore City. In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic families, specifically black and brown families, have been hardest hit with job losses and wage reduction. 35 drivers and a small number of packing volunteers will fill and deliver baskets to 270 single parent families to help meet their needs. More than any other year.

“This year we have adapted to the times for safe contactless basket delivery. Because of the pandemic, we had to lean on innovation. The process may have changed but the impact remains the same. “, said Ateira Griffin, CEO of Building Our Nation’s Daughters and 2020 OSI Baltimore Fellow.

The basket drive received donations, support, and volunteers from the Baltimore Hunger Project, Baltimore Women United, Teach for America, Giant and Weis. Over 75 community members gave monetary and non-perishable donations as well. Families will receive full Thanksgiving dinners by contactless delivery on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

“Our families are still in need, so we must innovate and deliver for them.”

6th Annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive
Sunday, November 2nd, 2020 11 am - 5 pm
303 McMechen Street Suite 414 Baltimore, MD 21217

For more information, visit our website at mdbond. org. You can also view our social media platforms at and


About Building Our Nation’s Daughters- BOND

BOND is a non-profit corporation that aims at facilitating, nurturing, and strengthening the BOND between single mothers and daughters in urban communities. BOND will cultivate healthy mother-daughter relationships by directly involving the mother in the relationship development process.
Through a comprehensive approach, BOND will provide supports and opportunities to build strong mother-daughter relationships along with personal, educational, professional development, and cultural experiences to address a full spectrum of challenges faced by single mothers.
A strong mother-daughter relationship is a pivotal factor for academic and personal success of young women in urban communities of single mother households. This program will provide time, access, and skills to develop strong mother-daughter relationships.
BOND provides monthly activities, sessions, and services to cultivate genuine positive mother daughter relationships. Two hours of protected time each month is provided for mothers and daughters to attend BONDing activities together. BOND also connects the mother daughter pairs to academic, professional, and community resources based on the needs of the mother-daughter pair specific to meet the challenges of single mother households. Finally BOND allows participant’s access to cultural opportunities normally inaccessible to urban community residents.