Jamie Dandar McKinney Helps Women Boost Their Confidence Through Her New Book, Speak Up, Sister!

This new book uses relatable stories and practical tips to empower women to develop the one-size-fits-all business skill required for success…confidence.

Online PR News – 23-November-2020 – Denver, Colorado – Kingdom Publishing, LLC. today announced the release of Speak Up, Sister! The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success. In this new book for women, McKinney brings her edgy humor, real life examples, and practical exercises to crush insecurities, quiet the voices of judgement, and empower women to confidently speak up.

Today, women in corporate America aren't just experiencing the "glass ceiling" with misrepresentation in c-level positions. What has become even more inhibiting, however, is what the Lean In Organization has named the "broken rung," resulting in more women in business getting stuck at entry level positions and fewer women emerging beyond manager-level. It is common for women to find themselves in a meeting with a brilliant solution to the problem at hand, but are afraid to say it. Confidence is the tool she needs to voice that brilliant solution and rise above the broken rung. McKinney teaches and coaches every woman to find her confidence and speak up!

This book covers the fundamentals of confidence, including the science behind it and exercises on how to build it in your self and others. She also addresses common workplace challenges and offers proven solutions to effectively navigate them. Throughout the book, she highlights the power of relatability and working together is always better than pulling someone else down.

McKinney shares her witty reply of having steel-toe stilettos a 27-floor elevator ride from defeat to victory and the power of Underoos make you feel like a superhero to demonstrate the power of confidence in the workplace.

McKinney shares her witty reply of having steel-toe stilettos, a 27-floor elevator ride from defeat to victory, and the power of Underoos make you feel like a superhero to demonstrate the power of confidence in the workplace.

"Jamie Dandar McKinney is an irresistible powerhouse: a bottomless well of advice on beating the tricky, frustrating workplace dynamics and subtle setbacks so many women still contend with. Whether you’re stymied by toxic office politics or just want to score equal time in team meetings, Speak Up, Sister! is a practical handbook for changing the game and having your say. Like its inspiring author, this book is feisty, fearless, disarmingly direct, and empowering. It belongs in the hands of every woman on her way up the power ladder. Speak Up, Sister! is a winner!"
— Tom Farmer, Former CNN Executive Producer

Features of this book designed to Build Confidence include:
-30 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
-Tips for projecting confidence - verbally and visually
-Confidence Challenge Checklists
-Practical exercises to increase your relatability

Speak Up, Sister! is currently available at your favorite online bookseller in paperback (278 pgs, ISBN 978-1733307833, $19.97) and Kindle ($9.99). For more information, visit http://www.kingdom-publishing.com/speak-up-sister.

Jamie Dandar McKinney, MBA, is a professional coach, keynote speaker, certified virtual presenter, and author. As the President and Founder of Jamie Empowers, Inc., (https://www.jamieempowers.com ) she is fully immersed in her mission to empower women to ditch doubts, speak up and achieve the careers they deserve and desire. Jamie Dandar McKinney is no stranger to intimidating work environments. Spending her corporate career in male dominated industries, this confident woman not only spoke up for herself, but realized by helping other women in corporate America find their voice, it brought a new level of influence and success to herself and those around her.

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