How an MLM App Powers the Next-Gen Direct Selling Industry

The Ventaforce MLM app has been upgraded with custom features that are aimed to help direct sellers in solving their mobility and connectivity issues.

Online PR News – 19-November-2020 – Pune – Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies from around the world have witnessed an upsurge in their direct selling activities this year. In view of the ongoing pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), MLM companies need contactless solutions for their operations. As consumers stay confined to their homes, direct sellers are regrettably compelled to find different ways of reaching them. An effective MLM software that comes with a fully-functional mobile version is perhaps the solution for direct sellers in 2020.

Sankalp, a leader in software development and mobile application development, is catering to this need with its MLM software product, Ventaforce. According to the company, Ventaforce has officially announced an upgrade to its mobile application for meeting the business requirements of direct selling during this pandemic. The Ventaforce MLM app has been upgraded with custom features that are aimed to help direct sellers in solving their mobility and connectivity issues.

Ventaforce MLM App Upgraded for Direct Sellers in 2020

According to the announcement, the company has upgraded its Ventaforce network marketing app across multiple aspects. Over the years, Ventaforce has emerged as one of the world’s top MLM software in the direct selling industry. To retain its market position in 2020, Ventaforce is providing the next generation of direct sellers with an advanced network marketing application that factors their success even during the pandemic.

The following upgrades in the Ventaforce MLM app are aimed to drive the business growth of direct sellers in the COVID-19 era.

Ease of access: Due to social distancing, consumers are staying highly engaged with each other through social media channels on their smartphones and mobile devices. Ventaforce has updated its MLM app with the integration of social media platforms that help distributors in connecting with their clientele easily. The user-friendly interface of the Ventaforce mobile app is engaging the customers with the distributors and their products. Compared to telephones, desktops, or laptops, the feasibility of mobile devices is higher in the global consumer space. Direct sellers can access their customers through this MLM app in a budget-friendly way.
Extended customer reach: The Ventaforce network marketing app is now available on iOS as well as Android app marketplaces. Hence, there is no limitation on reaching every smartphone user in the world. As of 2020, nearly 2 billion people are using smartphones for internet connectivity. More than 50 percent of these people are using mobile apps for their consumer needs. Ventaforce has extended its reach to the global audience and aims to touch more than a million direct sellers in the industry by 2025. With its mobile app, Ventaforce enables direct sellers in targeting over 95% of their potential customers. The MLM app fosters business connections through mobile phones and directly supports the expansion of direct selling networks.
Business value addition: The network marketing app is also redesigned to meet the user experience expectations of direct sellers. Extra value is added to the app by making it fully customizable for the MLM business. The Vertafore app is now updated with current business technologies, which include the integration of e-commerce platforms, website management, and broadcasting brand promotions.
Improved account management: With the all-new Ventaforce mobile app, direct sellers get access to all the functionalities provided by the Venaforce MLM software and web application. From adding a new member to generating e-pins and viewing the downline progress, direct sellers can manage their business efficiently. The app also displays accurate and real-time data on the direct seller’s income and offers features such as a commission calculator, inventory restocking system, and tax accounting tools. A direct seller can leverage the management capabilities of the Ventaforce network marketing app to work in an MLM company remotely. This adheres well with the work-from-home model of MLM businesses in 2020.
In addition to the above aspects, the Ventaforce network marketing app has also upgraded its CRM tools. It has made interactions between direct sellers and customers easier. Tracking activities regularly and managing the entire chain of direct selling operations can be executed precisely from the Ventaforce mobile app.

For more information, request a demo of the Ventaforce MLM app and transform your direct selling business for 2020 and beyond.
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