Did Reggae Nation Really Expose Unreleased Koffee and Buju Banton's Song Entitled Under Pressure

Reggae Nation was recently accused of leaking Buju Banton and Koffee's Under Pressure song before it's official release date. Investigation continues.

Online PR News – 19-November-2020 – Kingston, Jamaica – In this day and age, it is not shocking to find virtually unknown platforms to expose unreleased material. It happens all the time really. So what's the big fuss? Does anyone actually care? I would argue that no one cares. And so the story begins

Under Pressure

Koffee and Banton recently set out on a sound mission to raise awareness regarding policy-induced pressures. As it were, the industry is infiltrated by a whole host of dubious anomalies. One of which is the act of previewing unreleased material. This is something that can seriously create disharmony inside a label's secretive environment - to say the least. This makes sense from the investment point of view. One has to protect their interest and investment by highly guarding it until official release.

Reggae Song Battle

It has been alleged that Reggae Nation's Reggae Song Battle exposed Under Pressure from Koffee and Buju Banton's collaboration before it's formal release date. During one of the segments, DJ Say So (the host) was accused of having played the song. Consequently, the entire universe is crumbling Under Pressure! (I couldn't resist, forgive me). Fear not for the host of Reggae Song Battle isn't wavering from his stance and has reiterated this as a matter of fact.

Allegations Abound

"Everyone is constantly expecting for others to make a mistake so they can pounce", exclaimed DJ Say So during his plea of innocence. "The facts are the song may have played or may not have, and only the live audience will ever know", according to DJ Say So. Whatever the case maybe he does have a point in that only the live audience will ever know.


As for Buju's and Koffee's labels, they are still investigating the incident and are actively seeking answers from the show's producers. (Good luck with that). I can't imagine too much harm has been done since the allegations are for a single event and not a recurring or perpetual base. Not to mention Reggae Nation's reach isn't measured in the billions...

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