Olympic mentor starts coaching for Astro Speedskaters

Astro Skating Centers has acquired former Team USA coach, Renee Hildebrand, for their speedskating team. Hildrebrand has mentored 4 Olympians so far!

Online PR News – 17-November-2020 – Tarpon Springs, FL – Renee Hildebrand has been lauded as “the best developmental ice coach in the country”--despite never coaching as an ice skating instructor. While the United States has a national speedskating team, the sport is not included in the Olympic Games. Due to the similarities between inline skates and speedskating on ice, however, Hildebrand’s coaching of technique and body positioning empowers her inline skaters to make a quick transition to skating and competing on ice internationally such as in the Olympic Games. One such success story is Erin Jackson, the first African-American woman to make the U.S. long-track speedskating team--after only four months of practicing on ice.

Despite going by the handle “Nasty Nay” during her time on the roller derby circuit, Hildebrand’s mentees describe her in a very positive light. Jackson says, “She’s really great at training her skaters physically and mentally...she helps her skaters believe in themselves.” Hildebrand’s supportive coaching style clearly works; in addition to the success of her athletes, she was chosen to coach the U.S. Inline Speedskating Team for numerous international competitions, as well as the Belgium National Team overseas for three years!

Despite coaching out of a town with no ice rink, she agrees that inline skaters have become “a feeder for the ice speed skating program. Fourteen former inliners were in the [2014] Winter Olympics.” Hildebrand will begin coaching out of three Astro Skating Centers starting next week: Bradenton Rink on November 18, Pinellas Park Rink on the 20th, and Brandon Rink on the 22nd. No sign-ups are required for lessons, so if you have a need for speed make sure to check out the Astro Speedskating Teams!

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